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Sandwich Booster

88 Customer reviews



Sandwich Booster is a sprout mix of clover, alfalfa, radish, and mustard. It is an easy 5-day sprout that grows well in a jar or sprouting tray.

  • Days to Sprout: 4 to 5 days
  • Soak Time: 4-8 hours
  • Yield: 1 tbsp of dry seed yields approx. 1.5-2  cups of sprouts.
  • Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last even longer!

Sprouting Directions 

Soak: Put 1-2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 4-12 hours. Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting or draining rack, or in a bowl or drain rack.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain well.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in 5 days. Refrigerate to store. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry.)

Helpful tips:

  • Some sprouts tend to clump together as they grow. To separate, fill the jar with water, remove the screen and stir gently with a fork during the regular rinse. Remove hulls if desired. Drain well.
  • The drier they are the better sprouts keep. Be sure to let sprouts grow another half day after the final sorting rinse before storing in the fridge. Optional: put folded paper towel on top of the sprouts in the jar. Put lid on and refrigerate turned upside down. This removes excess moisture.
  • If your home is very warm during the summer months, it may help to rinse the sprouts three times a day with cold water. Stir gently if clumping.
  • To remove the hulls and unsprouted seeds from leafy sprouts, use a special sorting rinse. Pull sprouts out of the jar into a large bowl filled with water. Swish gently to separate the tangled roots. Most hulls will separate and rinse or sink. Discard the hulls.  Collect the sprouts back to the jar with or without aid of a strainer.   Return sprouts to jar, drain, and continue sprouting for another half a day or so.

Average Customer Rating

88 Customer reviews
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  1. blue sky

    As easy as it looks to do, it was actually even easier to do. The seeds are so fresh – sprouts ready every 4 days. I sometimes add some arugula seeds to the mix after soaking, they add a nice bite.I was shopping today, and the sprouts in the store looked so sad compared to my home grown, at 30 times the price.

  2. Sally

    The flavours really good! It’s great for salads or just to have plain! I think it’s a really great products and it has a lot of nutrients as well which is great!!

  3. Lulu

    Love these in a pita on their own or as the greens in a sandwich. Sometimes put on a salad, too, but sandwiches the most common use.

    Kept track of my whole Mumm’s seed purchase a year ago March, comparing price to sprout vs supermarket cost — Covered my costs on a $55 order within 5 months and still sprouting over 18 months later. Kept my seeds in the dark in a pantry or drawer behind my cooking pots. I sprout almost year round, except when out of town.

  4. Bonnie Beck

    We usually buy a variety of seeds ..mix them all together ..we have 2 bottles of sprouts growing at the same time ..My husband uses them instead of lettuce for his everyday lunch..

  5. Rozee

    The mix of seeds sprouts uniformly with very little unsprouted seeds. Ready in just 3 days when kept in a warm dark place. I sprout them in a quart jar and I LOVE the forest that appears in such a short time! Great on salads or on top of pureed soup and in breakfast burritos.

  6. Samia

    Seeds were fresh and sprouted easily, as described. I use them in sandwiches.

  7. Happy sprouter

    Our favourite sprouts. Hard to find this in the stores except for the small bags. Much more cost efficient to order directly if you make sprouts regularly. The whole process of ordering and shipping was very easy.

  8. Lansdowne3

    My whole family loves Sandwich Booster sprouts in our work and school lunches. Beats those winter blues!

  9. Dr. Bob Turcott

    These sprouts are the quintessential sandwich and salad sprout. They are really easy to grow, look pretty, and taste delicious.

  10. Ashley

    All seeds I’ve gotten from mumms are excellent will order again!

  11. Sheepmom

    Thoroughly enjoying this product! They are quick to sprout, taste delicious, and keep well. Would definitely purchase these seeds again!

  12. Flower

    Our first time sprouting: it was very easy and fun to do. So far we’ve used the sprouts on sandwiches, burgers and wraps. Adds a great taste and crunch! I find that soaking the seeds overnight results in an even better sprouting rate.

  13. sprouternewbie

    these sprouts elevate any sandwich to outstanding

  14. Elizabeth

    They sprout easily and are perfect on sandwiches and salads. Love them!

  15. west

    You can grow your own sprouts so easy an tasty

  16. Brittney

    I will buy them again!

  17. Bayshore girl

    Excellent sprouts! Were quick to produce and taste

  18. Leithmom

    Grow quickly and can have them fresh all the time. Love it. So easy.

  19. Happy

    We love this mix. They sprout in no time with the majority of them spouted. We love them!

  20. Happy :-)

    We use our old blue preserving jars and screen with great results.

  21. Muffins

    The sprouts shipped fast, taste great, and sprout as expected.

  22. andrlang

    All germination grew rapidly. Nourishing mixture. I use it in a protein shake. Delicious.

  23. Thoroughbred Lover

    These are great little sprouts and beautiful to eat plain or in salads. Almost total germination, very nice mild taste, very versatile.

  24. Thooughbred Lover

    Wouldn’t it be cool to provide a chart for us consumers as to the flavours of each seed? That way it is a bit easier to select which seeds to order. For example based on my kale experience, I would never buy that seed again!

  25. jconn

    WOOOOOO!!! These sprouts are out of control! I used to grow only broccoli for the sulforaphane, but these are a delicious addition to wraps. I have the Sprout Master and after 3-4 days these are literally (not figuratively) lifting the lid off the tray and growing out of control! Awesome taste a well.

  26. Mummagump

    Sandwich booster sprouts are great! Nice flavour with a tiny bit of heat. I get a huge batch just using 4 tbsp at a time. Mumm’s seeds are excellent quality, I’ve used alfalfa and broccoli seeds and will be trying others too. I use the sprouts in sandwiches and salads.

  27. Lucyq

    Been using this for almost 2 years…add additional mustard and radish for xtra bite.
    Best quality and price online.

  28. Giacomo

    Really tasty, nice appearance and easy to grow. It’s a great mix, I use it in sandwiches at my work all the time.

  29. Diane Des Rochers

    I sprout all year long. These sprouts have been a third of my breakfast for ages. Buying them in bulk helps me to always have them handy as sometimes I would forget to buy them from stores because they usually do not occupy a big area. I keep them in the freezer. Rate of sprouting is always excellent.

  30. Styrmonix

    You can’t go wrong with the Sandwich Booster blend. The seeds are mild and pair up with most foods. Put them in a sandwich, a wrap, on top of hash browns, on tortilla chips with guacamole or cut out the middle-man and go directly from jar to mouth. =^]

  31. seapeddler

    I just grow them and eat them as fast as they grow.
    Hopefully, they contain all the nutrition they are touted as having.
    Excellent on a sandwich of fresh bread.

  32. Suzy

    The Sandwich booster sprouts so easily, I have the trays from Mumms. My daughter-in-law loves these with an over easy egg on top. I love them in everything, cheese sandwich is my favorite.

  33. Prairie Gardener

    I love this easy sprouting, great tasting mix. So good for sandwiches (of course) but also on salads and as a snack 🙂

  34. NothingBettertodo

    One of our favorites for sandwiches

  35. jayjay

    Every morning for breakfast I lightly toast a couple of slices of dark Russian rye bread and put mayo and an inch of beautiful green sprouts between the slices. It is absolutely delicious. Then sometimes I have another one for lunch or dinner and have been known to eat one in the middle of the night .

  36. Healthy lifestyle

    Very good and tasty for sandwich! I really like it!

  37. sheneeds2growthings

    The mix sprouted very quickly and evenly. I added a bit of the hot Wasabi seeds for interest. Would buy this again.

  38. Microgreenfarms

    We tried the sandwich booster, a while back. easy to grow, large harvest off minimal seed.
    tastes great!

  39. Scott

    Works great and we are very pleased

  40. Chandrew

    I use these sprouts as a bread & lettuce replacement. It’s a great mix of flavour & texture. My go to when I need a quick boost mid afternoon.

  41. Rineke

    My husband and I both love the sandwich booster. So far we’ve mostly used it on salads and soups, but plan to experiment on using it in soups and stews, etc. It is light and deliciously tasty and sprouts really well. Thank you. An excellent product.

  42. Turtle

    Very easy to sprout. Perfect blend for sandwiches and wraps! It’s my favorite mix 🙂

  43. A guy that eats sprouts

    Very hearty, couldn’t be easier to sprout. They are a nice mix, not too spicy. Good on their own, in salads, soups, sandwiches. A lot of bang for your buck!

  44. Melissa

    Awesome quality product, prompt shipping and nice packaging. Sprouts quickly, sometimes a bit crunchy or hard from the seed- maybe this is a specific seed… ready in 3 days. Highly recommend eating sprouts on a regular basis for optimal health and longevity! Check out for more great health and the BEST and TRUEst food education.

  45. LovingLifeNana

    This blend is a very tasty mixture of different greens. I use it on everything as much as I can.

  46. Gardener

    Wow, flavourful sprouts in just 4 days. 3 tablespoons of seed yielded a large mason jar 3/4 full of sprouts. Excellent germination rate. Great to stretch out a salad when lettuce prices go through the roof or as a crunchy topping for blended soups.

  47. LovingLifeNana

    I just love this product, better than lettuce.

  48. John

    always use this in a balogna sandwich

  49. Faye

    I am very happy with the sprouts,they sprout very well,stay fresh and delicious for about 4 days after which they are all eaten up! They are delicious in salads and sandwiches and I even throw them as a garnish on soup. I just have to remember to start a new batch sooner so I’m never without

  50. Northerner

    This mix is very good on sandwiches or salads. I sprouted the seeds for 6 days, 1 tablespoon I. A pint mason jar. I waited until the little green leaves grew bigger.

  51. Julie

    Much fresher than the seeds I’ve bought in the health food store; the seeds come up quickly and thickly… A very cost effective way to have fresh sprouts on a regular basis

  52. Happy Fella

    Love this mix! Seeds sprout quickly and just 1Tbsp fills up a quart mason jar in about 4 days. They taste great, crunchy and fresh. Excellent in any sandwich or as an addition to a salad. I eat sprouts by themselves sometimes, they are that good! Highly recommend and that’s the mix I’ll keep buying. Another thumb up is to the company for quick shipping.

  53. Diane Des Rochers

    Un produit de haute qualité. Les semences ont toujours un haut pourcentage de germination achat après achat.

  54. annamac

    So simple and easy to grow, and add such a wonderful crunch, flavour and texture to salads/wraps/sandwiches etc.

  55. ChickenDan

    A nice blend of seeds that is ideal to put on sandwiches burgers and the like. Easy to sprout and care for with a nice little change up from your standard alfalfa.

  56. Healthy Eater

    These sprouts are wonderful in salads and sandwiches. They are fast growing and great tasting.

  57. Cher Bono

    These sprouts are delicious. I use them on salads and in sandwich’s. 2 Tblsp makes a huge amount and they are delicious. Keep em in Tupperware so they last longer.

  58. PBucha

    Use it on a daily basis for my sandwiches. Like the flavour and the bit of bite from the radish and mustard sprouts.

  59. HappySprouter

    Love this mix!!! Great for sandwiches and salads… Sprouts very easily and you get a lot of sprouts in 4 days – enough to last a few days… Will definitely order these seeds again!

  60. Jay

    Good quality sprouts. Good flavour. 100% seed success rate. Good price:)

  61. Kai

    Delish, and fun, and so nice and fresh in the long cold winters. I’ve gotten a bunch of co workers onto this too.

  62. Phoenix

    I have been sprouting Sandwich Booster for at least 15 years and it remains my favourite for adding to sandwiches. Sprouting it is always successful and it adds a piquant flavour to my lunch sandwiches.

  63. Presco4875

    The seeds came in a timely manner. I was very happy at how fast they grew. In three days we were adding them to our sandwich and salads. Great product!

  64. Lady Sprout

    Because I know they are reliable seeds, I take Sandwich Booster and Spring Salad seeds to our town’s Seedy Saturday each year, where I show children and adults how to start sprouts in a mesh-covered Mason Jar. I tell them I use the sprouts in sandwiches, salads and omelets. They take their choice of seeds home in the jar, and it’s my hope they complete the process, get to enjoy the sprouts, and teach others how to grow them. I hand out a sheet with Mumm’s instructions and the company name, so they can order their own.

  65. Older Albertan

    We are new to sprouting and our very satisfied with the success we have had from the seeds delivered to us. Germinate and grow very well! This blend is delicious on a sandwich and we have been putting them into stir frys and soups,etc. too

  66. Willow

    Very pleased with these and ALL the rest of my sprouting seeds order. So far have tried 3 mixes and am so happy with all three. Thanks!

  67. Steve Deshane

    Follow instructions, germinate overnight, rinse twice per day and results are very impressive

  68. Clo

    Love these sprouts in veggie burgers, wraps or salads. They have a look great and taste yummy.
    Easy to sprouts and always good results.

  69. Jessica

    This is my new all time favourite seed sprouting mix. They sprout perfectly every time and they are the best sandwich topping you could ever ask for. Also great in salad or on tacos. Would definitely recommend this for anyone interested in sprouting.

  70. Mr. Sprout Enthusiast

    Easy to grow and great yield! About 90% of the seeds sprouted.

  71. H Bowern

    Second time ordering the product. It is a great addition to a sandwich or salad (even munching on it’s own) Easy to sprout and a good shelf life in container in refridgerator

  72. Rebecca Ryane

    We weren’t sure about getting a blend, especially with mustard and radish in it as I’m sensitive to spicy flavourings. This is the best mix ever! The flavours were amazing all blended together, not too spicy at all, just the right amount of kick to give it some unexpected flavours and a little bit of heat on the tongue once done. Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, eggs, salads.

  73. Wild Island Cat

    I have been growing sprouts for 35 years and these are without a doubt the nicest seeds I’ve ever used. Very grateful for such a fabulous product at such an affordable price.

  74. prairiegirl

    The seeds sprouted quite quickly and uniformly. This is a great mix; I’m glad I bought a large package.

  75. NanaRocks56

    My husband and I both think these sprouts are awesome. Love them on a chicken sandwich with avacado and mayo. Just the best!

  76. Sdodds

    Easy to sprout, great in salads, super yummy! Sandwich Booster has a very mild flavor and lovely texture for salads and sandwiches.

  77. J.k.a

    Verify pleased, am a longtime repeat buyer and have always been completely satisfied with the quality, shipping and wonderful customer service. I have a parrotlet and he LOVES his daily fresh sprouts too!

  78. Evelyn

    I first tried the Sandwich Booster mix at a local convention. It is absolutely delicious and I cannot recommend it enough. It makes a huge difference to my sandwiches. This is my first time buying from Mumm’s directly and I can’t wait to get the bigger bag so I’m not having to run to the store all the time for the smaller bags! I sprout them in a Mason jar and I find that over 95% of the seeds pop after 5 days.

  79. Lori

    Great taste and really adds to toast with hummus! I definitely made my BF day with this tasty snack.

  80. Colleen

    We always have some sprouts on the go with this easy tasty mix.

  81. Linda

    C’est merveilleux ! J’ai renoué avec la germination et j’adore. C’est tellement bon et santé !

  82. Jones

    Package arrived quickly. Sprouts are ready in 4-5 days. High yield

  83. HappySprouter

    So easy to sprout and never fail! Love this mixture!

  84. Andrewjc83

    Interesting mix! I LOVE alfalfa sprouts, and these are a nice change.
    Looking forward to experimenting with more types

  85. Carms

    These seeds are great quality for great value just as the title says! I purchased them in hopes of growing my own sprouts instead of purchasing spouts from the grocery store. Definitely a lot better and super easy too. I use the jar method and have not failed yet (knock on wood). I will continue to keep using my bag of seeds until I run out and then re-purchase from here again!

  86. Kristy

    This is a great blend of flavors for sandwiches and very easy to grow. These were my first sprout attempt and it went great. Now I always have at least one batch on the go!

  87. Jennifer @ Sprouting Joy Microgreens

    Simply Delicious

    Mine and my customer’s favorite blend! So delicious on everything.

    The Taste
    no cons. simply delicious.
    Best Uses
    In a Salad
    Describe Yourself
  88. Bernadette Yu

    Expect 10-15% of the seeds won't germinate

    Too many seeds not germinated. The price were way more than double compared to less than 2 months ago. Do you have to raise the price to your Canadian Fellows who may be looking into feeding healthy alternatives to their families? I don’t have the problem paying but I’m disgusted by your lack of business ethnic!

    The Flavor
    10-15% of the seeds won't germinate. The price went up from $89 (March 24rd, 2024) to $195.39 (May 23rd, 2024) in less than 2 months. Go figure! I'm too disgusted by your business practice. Won't recommend your company to anyone!
    Best Uses
    In a Salad
    Describe Yourself
    Healthy Lifestyle