Resources for Commercial Growers

Food Safety & Best Practices

Follow basic food safety requirements:

  • Inform local or CFIA inspectors about your operation. They will schedule an inspection
  • Growing and packaging need to be in separate rooms or designated areas
  • Must have clean up sink in growing area or separate sinks for cleanup and hand washing
  • Worker hygiene for those involved in packing (good hand washing practices and sanitary knives, scissors etc.)
  • Sanitize equipment Seed safety- keep records of supplier’s pathogen test results Control of birds, rodents and flies
  • Proper cleaning and sanitation of harvest and packing tables, scale tops, and any reusable containers
  • Water quality (test water) For water testing, each Public Health Unit in Ontario will accept water samples and provides bottles and information on sampling. The municipal water test is a basic test for potability of drinking water ( non-municipal water) and is a free service (you have to take the water sample and bring it to them). Here is the link
  • For more comprehensive water testing or other purposes (e.g. surface water testing for irrigation water) a number of private labs are available for water testing.)

CFIA’s Code of Practice for the Hygienic Production of Sprouted Seeds (Has been archived since SFCR came into effect, but still has good info.)

OMAFRA’s Sprouted Seeds Good Manufacturing Practices Guidebook
available in print only – contact Bengt Schumacher –

Register for “A BC HACCP Plan” home study program, complete a training program for food processing workers, watch a video series on how to develop a recall plan, and learn about about the critical role of traceability in modern food safety management systems. For more info visit the Small Scale Food Processor Association. 

Commercial Microgreens: Production and Best Practices (Government of Alberta)

HACCP Generic Model for Sprouts Grown in Water, CFIA: (Has been archived since SFCR came into effect, but still has good info.)

IFSH: Sprout Safety Alliance Resources: