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Masontop Bean Screen

21 Customer reviews


Includes 2 reusable sprouting lids for growing sprouts at home (1x Blue, 1x Green) with silicone gaskets.

Designed for wide mouth canning jars (Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.).

Unique Design – won’t roll off counters and can be placed upside down for easy drainage.

Inverted spout ensures proper airflow, and prevents messy splashing during the rinsing process.

Can grow any type of sprout, including Alfalfa, Bean, Broccoli, Mung Beans and many more!

Made of Food-Safe BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe Plastic.

0.250 kg

Average Customer Rating

21 Customer reviews
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  1. Lulu

    I have used cheesecloth, old pantyhose, and these work far better. For alfalfa seeds, I keep my thumb in the fill hole to keep from losing seeds through the slots. The seed shells do tend to get stuck in the holes. PROS: Appearance” isn’t really my choice but no other options were appropriate. Function is why I chose these.”

  2. Newbie

    Im so happy I saw these when I was ordering sprouts. They are soo easy to use. Much easier than the cheesecloth I was using before. I started 2 mason jars a few days apart and every time one is ready to eat I start another batch, which means I always have sprouts ready for salads or sandwiches.

  3. Big Jim

    Simple and easy to use. Will fit any wide mouth jar

  4. kat

    I love these screw top sprouting lids. They work very well and are easy to clean!

  5. Lorel

    These sprouting lids have made growing sprouts so easy. Very simple to use and easy clean up. I’ve started sprouting lentils and mung beans regularly since we got them.


    These lids work great. They drain well and are easy to clean. I’ll never use cheesecloth again.

  7. Andrewjc83

    Tired of buying store bought sprouts that go brown and juicy in like a day!
    ABS- Always Be Sprouting!

  8. Chippie

    I use mine all the time. Even the smallest seeds don’t fall out. Makes growing sprouts easy. I have three screens so I am able to grow three different kinds of sprouts at a time. We go through them quickly.

  9. Cowgirl

    I wasn’t sure how these would work but I have two sets and really like them!! I’ll be adding another set to my next order. I feed sprouts to my horses so they are in use pretty much all the time. So far they are working wonderfully! (Please note that some of the required fields for a review do not apply to the jar lids so it may not make sense.)

  10. Styrmonix

    Masontops Sprouting Lids are so good, I have just ordered two more sets BEFORE leaving a review of the set I bought a month ago. These will be a great replacement for my very old and starting to break Sprout-Ease toppers that have been out of production (as best I can tell) for quite some time. The design lets you get water in and out of the mason jar much easier and faster than all other lids. Just get these, they are absolutely worth it. =^]

  11. Alchemy

    I love these lids. I have the Sproutmaster and I much prefer these lids and mason jars. Easy clean up. Only tried Broccoli so far, but I am sold.

  12. Sunshine

    I’ve been sprouting for a few years and these are a clever invention that help to prevent water from molding your sprouts. I leave the mason jar and lid turned upside down on a plate in between rinses and have had the best sprouting success. Thank you Mumm’s for carrying this.

  13. Char

    These lids make sprouting so easy! I have used mesh fabric in the past but these are so much cleaner and easier! Easy to fill, rinse and drain. The sprouts taste and grow better as well! Comes with 2 so i never run out of spouts! Highly recommended! Thanks Mumm’s for a great product!

  14. SAC

    The description of this product should emphasize WIDE mouth mason jars. I have many mason jars in my house, they all have the same sized mouth and these lids fit none of them.

  15. D the D

    Best invention ever, it beats my version of a lid which was cheese cloth and elastics

  16. New Sprouter Convert

    Love these lids. Quickly fill and drain with water. Flexible use – either with jar standing vertically on end or angled on a rack. And they are dishwasher safe. I will be ordering more of these.

  17. omlo

    What a great product. Fill your sprouting jar easily, drains well. No chance of rusting and looks very durable. I’d recommend this product and buy again if I need more sprouting production

  18. FPlus

    These lids are well worth the price. It’s so convenient to be able to leave them sitting top-down. Saves on the counter space and prevented me having to rig up stands.

  19. JmJ

    Very easy to use

  20. Pedro

    These are great lids for your sprouting needs. Fits any widemouth canning jar without any problem. I would say it is best to pre-soak seed before draining if you have small seeds. They can slip through holes easily if they are not pre-soaked.

  21. MsTnChilly

    So simple and works great. Amazing bang for the buck. I had wide mouth jars already so they fit perfectly. and no more moldy sprouts because of the great design allowing perfect air flow. I’ve got 4 always on the go and plan to get more. Also bought them as gifts and everyone LOVES them! I do find though that mustard seeds don’t work well in them. They get stuck in the holes and block the air, go back. All else if great though. 🙂 Happy Growing!!