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Sunflower, Black Oilseed

116 Customer reviews

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Delicious nutty sunflower taste in a crunchy microgreen!

*Appearance of the seed will vary from lot to lot and may not be exactly as shown in the photo

  • Days to Sprout: 8 to 10
  • Soak Time: 4-8 hours
  • Yield: 1/4 cup seed yields approx. 3 cups of sunflower shoots
  • Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last even longer!

Grow Microgreens! (no soil)

Soak. Using a tray with drainage holes, rinse enough seed to cover the bottom of the tray. Soak the seed for 4-12 hours. Use a jar with a sprouting lid for soaking if the tray holes are too large. Drain, rinse and drain holding at an angle to remove excess water. Spread the seed evenly on the bottom of the tray and cover with a lid top and bottom or put in plastic bag. Mist or spritz from above until roots are growing from the bottom. Water from below once roots have appeared.


TIP: Sunflowers grow really well if the roots are in about ¼” water and changed daily. You can do this by placing your growing tray inside another tray filled with ¼” water. Mist and cover the sunflowers with a clear dome or loose plastic to help remove the hulls.

Grow. The roots will form a mat from which the microgreens will emerge. At that point, put in indirect sunlight, florescent/LED lights or grow lights. The watering is then easy: fill the container 1 cm deep with water and allow to sit for a few seconds in the water and then tilt on an angle to decant the water until only some moisture is remaining in the root area. Continue to rinse twice a day as described above.


Typically, microgreens grown without soil are harvested at 7-10 days. Harvest before the next expected rinse so the shoots are dry. Harvest microgreens using scissors or knife.

Instead of harvesting all at once, you can start to harvest microgreens as soon as the first two leaves are spread out. Take only what you need for your meal and allow the rest to keep growing or put the tray in the fridge loosely covered and a plastic bag or dome to harvest.

Grow Microgreens!
Soil Method
Please note: Occasional white spot may appear on leaf when growing.

You will need:

• 10” x 20” gardening trays (1-inch-tall preferred), 1 with
holes + 1 without. Smaller microgreen trays also work well.
• Good quality organic starting soil mix
• Parchment paper or unbleached paper towel,
• Dome lids (clear or black) or plastic sheet
• Organic seed
• Mister bottle, cup measures, garden spray nozzle (optional)
• Scissors or sharp knife

1. Soak the Seed
Larger seed such as sunflower, buckwheat, microgreen salad mix, wheat and peas should be washed then soaked in water for 6 – 12 hours prior to seeding. Drain, rinse and drain the seed after soaking.

2. Prepare Soil
Add water to top of the bag (or each tray) 12 hours ahead of use until almost fully hydrated. Rehydrate the bag as necessary. If you were to put the soil in your hand and squeeze it, you should not be able to get much more than a drop of water out of it for the perfect moisture content. If you want to mist the seed after putting it on the soil, reduce the water hydration of the bagged soil a bit.
TIP: To check for overwatering, tip the tray to one end. Water should not pool enough to drip out of the tray.

3. Fill Trays with Soil
Use a tray with holes. Fill with 3/4-1.5” of soil. The closer to the top of the tray the better aid to air circulation. Use a block or your hand to smooth and flatten the soil without compacting it. The back of a tablespoon or spatula smooths out the valleys. You can wait to put the tray without holes under until after unstacking/uncovering or add it to the bottom now.
TIP: Place a layer or two of paper towel on the bottom of the tray before adding soil for easier cleanup.

4. Sow the Seed
Spread the soaked seed evenly over the soil in the tray. The seeding density depends on the stage at which you’re planning to harvest. You should have one layer of seeds, side by side and mostly not overlapping. Spread out any clumps with a spoon or your hands. Sow slightly less seed for 2-3 week microgreens.

5. Cover the Seed
Doing away with soil as a seed cover decreases the work and time it takes to grow the greens. If stacking the trays on top of each other, use a cover directly on the seed like parchment paper, a plastic sheet or wet unbleached paper towel layer. When not stacking trays, the seed will need protection from drying out by using a dome/lid. Use a clear dome or an inverted 10 x 20” tray without holes. For smaller trays, use several layers of unbleached paper towels folded onto itself with or without a plastic sheet covering the top.
TIP: Most microgreens will grow taller when you keep the light out at the beginning, but this may make the stem weaker. Most seeds germinate in the light no problem.

6. Stack Trays
Stacking helps to quickly force the roots into the soil, provides darkness, promotes even germination/growth. Stack 2-5 filled trays on top of each other with an empty tray on the top of the stack with a weight in it. Check at least once a day to see if the trays need water. Stack for 3-5 days. Sunflowers stay stacked the longest -5 days. Put no holes trays under the soil filled holed trays.

7. Expose to Indirect Sunlight, Florescent/LED or Grow Lights.
After 2-5 days, the microgreens should be ready for light. If the microgreens begin to get quite tall and leggy, this is an indication that they may need a bit more light.

8. Water the Growing Microgreens
Check the seed once or twice daily and water as needed. The soil should be moist, not wet. Once trays are unstacked, add water from below into the no holes tray as necessary.

9. Harvest!
Sunflowers, buckwheat, and wheat grass is usually harvested around 9 to 10 days with scissors or a sharp knife. Make sure microgreens are not damp before storing. If needed, you may use a small fan or salad spinner to dry the microgreens before storing in a sealed container in the fridge.

Instead of harvesting all at once, you can start to harvest microgreens as soon as the first two leaves are spread out. Take only what you need for your meal and allow the rest to keep growing or put the tray in the fridge loosely covered and a plastic bag or dome to harvest another day. Water as necessary.

10. Enjoy!
Microgreens make everything better, so have fun with them and add them to your favourite dishes!

Helpful tips:

• To moisten your bag of soil, add water ahead until almost fully hydrated.
• The roots grow under the soil so it works well to water from below if the tray has holes in it, or open the side of the tray and pour water beside the soil when using flexible plastic trays. Otherwise misting or watering from the top works well too.
• To get the hulls to drop from sunflower, beet, chard and buckwheat leaves cover the tray loosely with clear plastic during the last days of growth. Mist the hulls. This will trap enough moisture to soften the hulls to be easily brushed off by hand.
• Good cleaning practices each growing cycle: Remove debris from trays. Apply soap to a brush and clean all surfaces with suds and firm pressure. Rinse. Sanitize your trays, equipment, tools and surfaces

Average Customer Rating

116 Customer reviews
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  1. Anna29

    These sprout and grow like gangbusters! Love ’em! Snacking, salad or juicing, a great addition to anything, and look so cute in my window…!

  2. Marie

    Excellent product, great service, highly reccommend the product and this wonderful company. Thank you Mumm’s

  3. Microgreen Grower

    This particular lot can be tricky to grow and required extra attention to get good germination and yields from. However I managed to get good even germination using Promix HP soil as a base and then a thin layer on top. I kept the trays moist for the first few days of germination and then as the sunflowers were growing I sprayed the soil so that it fell in between the stems. This helped with shedding the seed and significantly increased the viability of the tray. After 5 days in the dark germination room I moved them and placed them under light. I misted and gently brushed the top of the sunflower greens to remove any loose seed hulls. 1.25 cup of sunflower seeds grew 24 to 32 oz of sunflower greens. At that concentration the greens start to get crowded quickly and after 10 days the greens start to spill over the edges and fall onto adjacent trays. They are viable to harvest as microgreens for roughly 4-5 days after which they start to become bitter.

  4. Rebecca Ryane

    These are the best, most prolific, most delicious sprouts ever. Grow nice and tall, harvests a lot from one tray, great crunch for salads, slightly nutty taste. Really, really delicious even as a snack, we had a hard time keeping them around for long for salads etc because we both kept snacking on them solo.

  5. Lou Stojanov

    I have been ordering for a long time now and always delivered a great product. Always have sprouted for me.

  6. Anniemary

    Lousy germination

  7. JL23

    Extremely poor germination rate, about 15%. SF8P and SF88JBL, both ordered in the Fall of 2019.

  8. Annabelle

    I grow sunflowers as microgreens and my customers love them but I’ve had so much trouble with this batch. Tried using a different soil like suggested, anything I can think of but only about 1/3 of the tray actually grows. Aside from that these are a big micro that dehull quite well!

  9. Bob

    If you’re debating ordering lot SF8, don’t. It’s garbage. At first I tried growing it in promix, against Mumm’s recommendations. Very poor growth, uneven growth, and even worse yield and poor quality at that. Recently I switched to a topsoil mix and definitely it improved the quality and the consistency of growth but the yield is still poor. Honestly, this crop shouldn’t even be sold and definitely not at full price. If I could return it, I would.

  10. Steve

    This batch of oil seed compared to previous batches is yielding about 1/3 less volume under the same growing conditions.

  11. Mark L

    Everyone knows about sunflower micros – they are in a category of their own. We always have some growing and there’s a bunch of ways to enjoy them. For us, salads, sandwiches, wraps, pits/wraps mostly. Never cook them.
    The only issue I have is that the germination rate has dropped from about 80-90% to less than 50% since I bought my first batch from Mumm’s 3 months ago. I can’t explain it. The only theories I have are related to average temperature, being summer. Does that affect the growth, does that cause the dry seeds to go tale quicker in storage? I don’t know. I got another bag from Mumms and I’ll see if it’s better. Fortunately, sunflower seeds are very inexpensive, so not a big deal. Just wish I knew what was going on.

  12. First time user

    The Sunflowers (product of Italy) 80% not sprouted – tried twice already

  13. FS Farm

    great product, easy growing, nutritious outcome, make sure to harvest before true leaves appear otherwise the taste changes dramatically

  14. germinator

    Generally speaking I have had great success with the sunflower seeds sprouting. Did however have one batch (lot #3f3f in a 5kg bag) where my germination rates were horrible. Have you had any other complaints about this batch of seeds?

  15. smue

    Sunflower greens are amazing! I grow them all the time but in the winter a big salad of sunnies apples and celery just cannot be beat. We love to grab a handful as a snack.

  16. Denise

    love this green food , on everything, easy to grow

  17. rickersred

    i grow these for my parrot.
    when i buy these seeds locally the water turns black each time i rinse. it may not sound like a big deal but that fouls the water so in the end it’s not good.

  18. Truchement

    Sunflower seeds definitely are my favorite sprouts. This batch has an exceptional sprouting rate, so it’s worth every penny. Once they have sprouted, however, they take a bit longer to really open up in the sun. Also, the hulls need to be removed by hand.

  19. k8ydid

    Adored by Humans, my chickens love them too. So do Bearded-Dragons as a regular customer of mine will attest. Parrots? Parakeets? Snakes? Gerbils? Why not?
    These Google out as the most nutritious micro-green going. I load my green smoothies with them.

  20. Neil Bixby

    It took us a while to learn but now we have abundant quantities of sunflower sprouts (Microgreens) which we use daily, along with our Speckled Pea shoots. WE feel very fortunate to know about these foods and how to grow them.

  21. Alexis

    I’ve tried to grow sunflower sprouts in the past but they have always gone mouldy and few have germinated. I tried these in the large sprouter and loved them. They all germinated, were crisp, and best of all they were easy to grow with no mess. I will keep ordering all my sprouting supplies from mumms because everything has worked out so well. I love finding companies I can support and recommend 🙂 They are great juiced, by the way.

  22. Mushroom Man

    The most popular greens that I sell. Why? Easy – they taste great, they have fantastic crunch and they last really well.

  23. Bert

    I really enjoyed my first experience with sunflower seeds. 100% success

  24. Small Farmer

    Seeds arrived quickly and were very clean. I have been growing sunflower shoots for restaurants for several years. These seeds seem to germinate at a very staggered rate. I am accustom to sunflower seed that germinate together allowing me to harvest them all at one time. These seeds came up very slowly meaning that 1/2 the shoots were ready to harvest while others were just getting going. They were very slow to drop their shells compared to other varieties I have used. I am disappointed with this variety of seed, they are not useful for commercial production.

  25. SLPT

    Just starting using these – on our third batch, and loving them. Great addition to salads, topping on soup, and at side of pretty well anything, or just harvest a few to munch on the run. They take a lot longer 10-12 days than the broccoli and mungs that we also use a lot, but they are worth the wait. Easy to grow in the triple SproutMaster, keeping 3 batches on the go, starting each a week apart.

  26. Serenity

    I have had great success with the sunflower shoots up until the last batch where they took a long time to sprout and only half of them did and lots of them went mouldy. Quite disappointed based on previous orders.

  27. Bearfoot

    Very delicious and fast growing, my favourite shoots

  28. Sprout boys

    These are good reliable seeds. We receive almost 100% germination every time.

  29. Kate

    I have been sprouting and growing Mum’s sunflower seeds for a few years with excellent success every time. Very pleased with the quality of the seeds.

  30. J9’s Tiny Farm

    Pleasantly surprised you could eat sunflowers as a microgreen. Definitely want to make sure you eat them within the 10-14 day period, before they get bitter, They have a nice sweet nutty taste to them 🙂

  31. sprouternewbie

    super fresh taste , pretty sprouts on top of a regular salad and good for you

  32. Marty

    Easy to sprout and grew quickly. I kept them in a jar in the dark. I think I left them too long because they grew long hairy roots but I still used the. Just cut the ends off and put them in my smoothly. I’m satisfied!

  33. ed bugg

    I use this product for growing sunflower greens in the soil. This product is great because almost all the hulls fall off when it is time to harvest them. The stripped sunflower grows larger leaves but a lot of the hulls have to be removed at harvest time and this is time consuming. The black
    seed sunflower has smaller leaves but I think they are thicker so you still have a lot to eat in them.

  34. Beb

    I have sprouted sunflower seeds twice now, the first time adding too many seeds to the sproutmaster. The second time was better because I used a single layer.

  35. Beb

    I used the small sproutmaster to sprout the sunflower seeds and it has worked out both times.

  36. SproutPool

    I have been growing sprouts for the last two months and have really enjoyed growing my own sprouts. I decided to grow sunflower microgreens as it seems they are easy to grow. I did grow them in the small sprout master but in all honesty, I prefer growing them in a mixture of sterilized potting soil and coconut coir (coyer) and that seems to give me really a good yield. I spray them with the kelp fertilizer I bought from Mumm’s and it’s been really helpful. My first harvest grown in soil was fantastic! I will continue to grow sunflower shoots as they taste delicious as the base for salads or even in smoothies. Love it!

  37. SproutPool

    I first grew the sunflower seeds in the small sprout master but it didn’t take root very well. I decided to grow it in soil to test it out and it did way better. Since I’m new to growing microgreens, it’s been a challenge to grow sunflower shoots only because I have no experience. I emailed Mumm’s and I got a call from Lois right away to explain some of the growing pains I was challenged with. She even emailed me information to reassure me that the challenges I’m facing were normal. This is what I love about Mumm’s. Not only are the seeds awesome but the service is exceptional.

  38. Bonker

    wish they would grow as described, watched video of how easy it was. I had tried several different methods in different soil. Not cut and paste. seems a good overnight soak in pure water, spread in damp soil and lightly cover with soil. sprits daily with dark cover for first week then switch to clear cover. good luck is a crap shoot.

  39. GardenYogi

    Great product. Great germination. Quick delivery. Highly recommend Mumm’s for sprouting sunflower shoots.

  40. Don Wyness

    Mumms is the greatest. Was surprised to see the sunflower seeds were a product of Italy! Good green shoots. I always recommend Mumms to new sprouters.

  41. Gaia Orion

    I’ve been buying seeds from Mumm’s for 18 years. They are always helpful, sharing information, their seeds are great fro growing perfect sprouts. Sunflower greens are a huge part of my diet, they are so delicious! I blend them with a frozen banana (or avocado), ginger, a bit of apple cider and water. I also juice them and add them to all my salads and dishes! I am crazy about them!

  42. Nat

    Taste great and grow nicely. We use them both in sandwiches and in salads, but they are also great on their own.

  43. Karen

    I am currently using these seeds for microgreens and am completely satisfied with their quick germination and taste of the greens. I would recommend these to other growers.

  44. marie-pier

    Ce son mes graines favorite pour remplacer la salade en hivers germe très bien belle hauteur gout excellent j’ajoute un peu de compost à mon terreau pour avoir plus de rendement je couvre avec un dome que je change à chaque jour pendant 6 jour et après je place un dome perforer pendant 1 jour et un autre jour à air libre.
    Le taux de succès est de 98% j’aime beaucoup cette compagnie cela fais 6 ans que je cultive du tournesol et j’avais jamais trouvée un taux de succès pareille. Mes poule son très contente de manger les racines et les pousse trop petite. Je ne pourrais me passer de ma salade du midi sans la germination.

  45. Meep

    Exactly what I was looking for. Fresh seed, excellent germination, quick shoots. Delicious.

  46. SlightlyCrunchy

    I discovered Mumm’s when I first moved to Canada 16 years ago. I have purchased a variety of items regularly over the years, and have occasionally purchased seed from other suppliers – it is NEVER worth it! Mumm’s offers quality, customer care when needed, always offer prompt service, and always offer a great variety of seed – both the every day items that I am looking for as well as the more unique options.

  47. Some Farm

    We’ve tried many different sunflower seeds for sprouting but these were the best we’ve tried. Super uniform, great germination and the seed hulls pretty much came off on their own with a few stragglers. Great taste and texture too!

  48. zunkaya

    I enjoy grow and eating these healthy sunflower shoots. I finally found a good source, since I save time not having to sort through the seeds anymore and also the sprouts are healthier too. Thank you Mumm Family.

  49. Paul Le May

    For me this is one of if not the best sunflower seed so far. 95-98% yeild rate. Very large micro greens with great flavour. I am growing these in soil. I highly recommend these seeds.

  50. Teacher

    Didn’t think I could sprout sunflower seeds – fell in love with them when I tried them from a health food store, but they were so expensive I didn’t keep buying them… Now I sprout my own and love, love, LOVE them – crazy delicious and easy to do!

  51. Pie

    Just about to start my second batch. My planting of the first needs to be improved in terms of spacing. Wonderful product nevertheless.

  52. Mobile Grow

    First time sunflower microgreen grower….first trays turned out great…tall and leggy. Second trays were lower yield because I gave them light too soon. KEEP DARK till you’re 2-3 days from harvest for best results. 50%+ Peat moss.

  53. Abraham Youwakim

    I have tried all kinds of organic and non organic mix, I didn’t have good results, always almost half the seeds don’t come out, or you come out upside down .. if someone can help.
    watched all the youtube videos, still no good results.

  54. Yeefang

    Grow healthy and taste pretty good! They grow thicker than pea shoots I am surprised. Thank you for offering good quality non GMO seeds! Good things to have in winter when vegetables are less abundant!

  55. Laura

    My favorite. Crunchy leaves. Takes some time but totally worth it. You should choose a container big enough so the seeds are not to squeezed together.

  56. Moosegrower

    Great germination rate, nice succulent results, great flavour!

  57. Happy Sprouter

    I have great success with these. I do find that as the weather gets cooler so does my room and I was getting some mold. I then started to put dirt on top of the sprouted seeds as well and problem was solved. Best company by far I have founD to buy from

  58. canadian farmer

    Really good growth. Has a nice crunchy texture, with great taste.

  59. fairway 4 farm

    black oil sunflower lot sf5u2. I had poor yields and mold problems . I tightened sterilization and and watering scheduled and it help with mold but yields where down still

  60. Donna B

    Seeds arrived almost before I remembered ordering them. Is this because Canada Post is so great? Not sure. More likely the staff at Mumms is on it. Thanks – this is the beginning of a great relationship.

  61. Eric

    I just love Mumm’s sunflower seeds. The seeds are high quality and micro-greens are perfect (tasty and slightly crunchy).

  62. W. Brown

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to tip my hat to the Mumm’s team. Ordering was super easy, delivery was super quick & the packaging is awesome. The pricing is pretty good too. i’m about to start planting over the next week or so, just need to get the heating source set up in the green house. fingers crossed. An additional special thanks should go to Curtis Stone (The Urban Farmer/ Green City Acres). By watching his YouTube channel I learned that you guys exist. I’ll be sure to let all my friends know here on the east coast. Hoping to push some additional business your way. I’ll be a repeat customer, I’m sure of it.


    W. Brown

  63. Witty Peasant

    Awesome tasting and fast to grow! Grown on Baby Blanket.

  64. Microgreen Lover

    I love sunflower sprouts. They’re pretty easy to grow and they taste great. I purchased 5kg of the sunflower seeds 2.5 years ago. I go through phases where I eat a lot of microgreens, then I go for months without eating any (I’m working on fixing that!). I’m finally down to the dregs of my bag, and my last batch was the first that didn’t germinate well. I’m super impressed that they grew well for over 2 years. I’m in the mood for microgreens again, so I just ordered another 5kg of the sunflowers. I also bought some fava beans–I hear they’re great too.

  65. Coco Callan

    As a first time sprouter l was thrilled how well these seeds did. I grew them in ‘sprouting’ soil and l had almost 100% sprouting. I used them in a mixed salad and everyone raved about the flavour. I recommend this seed 100% for Everything!

  66. Kathy

    This sprout is very nice and crunchy with a mild flavour that everyone in my family enjoys. It’s one that I always like to have on hand.

  67. M-C-G

    Super easy to grow & to eat … leave them on the table and everyone is picking thru the day … Sweet and good alone, salad, juicing …
    Highly recommand

  68. Kathy

    I would rate this five stars for the flavour but was quite disappointed with the germination rate. When I have grown my own seed I got a lot more sprouts. When I harvested them there were a lot that didn’t grow and quite a few that just grew enough to see it coming out of the shell.

  69. eyeland

    I ordered a small amount the first time and they all sprouted beautifully so then I ordered a large amount. It doesn’t seem to be from the same batch, 35% of them don’t sprout. This is in the same conditions as the first bathc.

  70. eyeland

    I bought a small amount and they all sprouted beautifully so I ordered a larger amount the second time. The second batch 35% do not sprout under similar conditions.

  71. Chris

    My best choice to eat as a snack. Good flavor. We have to be patient to collect the greens about 9 to 10 days. But it is worth it.

  72. gardengirl

    Best sunflower seeds I have ever had for growing microgreens. Very high germination rate, perfect looking seeds, they even seem to pop their seed jackets off sooner and more easily.

  73. Bruce

    Like this batch. no problems growing it.

  74. Microgreen enthusiast

    I observed that this type of sunflower seeds SF6W (Product of italy) did not sprout as evenly as the other type of sunflower seed I purchsed before (sf6b). I plant my seeds on fiber mats as microgreens. With the SF6B, I would have consistent germination and very good harvest,. Seeds will sprout at the same time all the time. With these seeds (sf6w), I would say only about 50% would sprout and grow successfully as microgreens. Have sowed this type of seeds three times (same batch) now but always end up with the same bad results. I don’t know if I just got a bad batch of seeds or if the SF6B are just easier to grow.

  75. Ian vink

    I’ve bought these for years with no problem, but the latest batch is unusable. I soak for four hours and then layout on soil under pressure in the dark. In three days the seeds are covered in a while furry fungus that destroys them. I have tried washing the seeds strongly, sterilizing all equipment. Everything. Can I get a replacement from a different sources?

  76. CG

    I could eat these all day

  77. Am

    The sprouts are fabulous. Great rate of germination. Good company to work with

  78. Ty

    We had a chance to try 2 different types. One required soaking the other, Italian, did not. I am happy with both seeds. Great germination rate and growth rate. I always get great yield with these seeds.

  79. Dan

    I grow microgreens commercially and I can’t get them to germinate is well. And hulls have to be removed by hand. Too time consuming. Seeds are too small. Can’t they be sourced from Canada? Why Italy?

  80. Peter

    These germinate in 1 or 2 days and are harvested in 10 more. I sprout 1.3 cups and then plant them in a flat on coir. I use a weight on them for a few days to help them root and push up. After another 10 days they are ready to harvest. Grow at same rate as speckled peas. Nice mix.

  81. Let It Grow

    Out of the pea shoots, radish and sunflower seeds I ordered, I’ve found sunnies to be the most challenging. But it’s more a matter of my experience, the seeds themselves are great.

  82. Jacquelin Rivet

    Very very disapointed. There was no warning paper packed with the seeds pouch saying ”must soak for 24 hours” They are sold as ”black oil seeds” but are not. Not at all the same variety.

  83. Jay

    I use seeds for the microgreen. I found the seeds germinate at
    different intervals. I really don’t know why. Therefore some greens were matured while others were still growing. Does anybody had this problem?. Thanks

  84. Sprout Lover

    Speedy delivery, sprouts like a charm! Highly recommended!

  85. Customer

    I ordered black oil seed and received grey striped which completely changes the production characteristics. It also had a pretty low germination rate @ approximately 90% instead of indicated 95%.

  86. Jakob

    These sun flower microgreens are a very crunchy and tasty addition in the salad.

  87. David

    These are very tasty but seems to germinate at different rates. Definitely more challenging to grow than other sprouts and microgreens.

  88. Thaivias

    These peas are great! Almost every seed grew into a beautiful microgreen and quick!
    The taste was fantastic. Highly recommend.

  89. TY

    I have been growing these sunflowers over a year now. They have always been consistent in germination, growth rate and flavour. They are resilient seeds and they have over 95% germination rate.

  90. Freyja

    This seed has an excellent germination rate and sprouts quickly and easily.

  91. Patr

    I have used Mumm`s seeds for almost 20 years and absolutely LOVE them. I can`t get over the quality and viability of them. The flavour of these sprouts are fanominal! I highly recommend Mumm`s seeds to anyone who values quality in a food item.

  92. James

    For a few years I had been using giant sunflower seeds but they weren’t organic. I took a break and resumed with Mumm’s organic sunflower. The greens are way smaller, but their volume more than makes up for it … they grow densely and germinate like crazy. And their taste is superb – noticeably better than the non-organic I was using before. I grow my greens in glass pie plates with 2 mugs of topsoil.

  93. LISA


  94. Bobinette

    Quel service… Livraison rapide, belles graines propres, excellent taux de germination. J’ai essayé plusieurs pousses et en ce qui me concerne, le tournesol est ce qu’il y a d’à peu près le plus délicieux.

  95. farmbc

    I also found the germination very slow and sporadic. 1/2 the tray is ready to harvest while the rest is still trying hard. Unfortunately I bought a big bag so I will see how other grows will go.

  96. Randy

    I loved these greens but was a bit disappointed with the percentage of germination. I am going to reduce me seed density and see what happens.

  97. microgrower

    this lot of sunflower seeds had a poor germination rate, I would say 60% ,did not germinate evenly.I used different type of soil but no change in result.I had a different Lot before which was much much better.

  98. Hippie Homesteader

    Our house is very cold in the winter, and so the temperature was not optimum for growing any sprouts. Nonetheless, the sunflower sprouts grew well, if somewhat more slowly, and produced delicious, sweet and crispy greens that are much appreciated in the veggie desert that is Manitoba winter! Loved these seeds.

  99. Sandra

    I am pleased with all of the seeds I have ordered – the black sunflower seeds, buckwheat, radish, and peas have all been good quality. They sprout beautifully and also grow well in soil. I use 80% peat moss, 10% vermiculite, and 10% perlite along with seaweed powder and compost at the bottom before I add the soil – a cup or so per bowl – and place bowls on the windowsill (after a few days in a dark warm place with soaking wet newspaper covering), and within a few day I have healthy sprouts – no direct sun needed – Peter Burke’s method. I’ve also planted and sprouted the broccoli with pretty good results – more uneven in growth for some reason, but good nevertheless.

  100. French Canadian

    Vous aviez des tournesols plus gros de couleurs gris ce qui donnaient une pousse plus grosse, plus facile à récolter, mais ce que vous m’avez envoyé fait l’affaire

  101. Sunflower lover

    The best to grow for replacing the most of vegetables for this period of confinement! Not the only one, but so tasty!! ❤️

  102. Toot

    First time trying to make micro greens. Likely made some errors. Seed tops stayed on, half the product molded before I could harvest. Loved teh flavour of teh seedlings I did harvest

  103. Michelle MErcier

    We are so happy we decided to start growing our own sprouts? They are delicious and very easy to grow. Highly recommend these. two thumbs up. WE continue to order these. I will never buy store bought lettuce ever again.

  104. Lake View Farms

    Once we figured out the germination and how to cure the mold issue these are great tasty shoots and my favorite!

  105. Ewa

    Great sprouting ratio. Seedlings are strong, robust and flavourful. I sue the microgreens in salads, sandwiches and in juicing.

  106. Brenda

    Incredible germination rate

  107. Ulli

    Was very happy with the quality of the seeds. Got an abundant, well growing crop. Thank you for an excellent product.

  108. John Lapp

    Not pleased with my first order of seeds from Mumm's

    Maybe I just got a bad batch but I have grown Black Oils from other suppliers with no mold issues whatsoever. The first batch of these seeds I planted were covered with mold during the first 3 days of weights, although it was controllable after that the quality was poor, deformed leaves with brown spots and holes and slow growth. It may have been caused by the long shipping time from Canada when they may have gotten moist.

  109. Mathieu Boutin-Bastien

    Bad germination

    Worst germination i ve seen so far in sunflowers. They end up being great product, but compared to every other sunflower seed batch i ve seen so far they have had really low germination rates. I’ll try different soak time, no soak and other methods, but really i regret ordering those.

    The Flavor
    Germination rate is so bad. Worst i've seen in about 10 other kinds of sunflowers. By like a whole orde rof magnitude.
    Best Uses
    In a Salad
  110. 10922749 Canada Ltd

    crunchy Sunflower microgreens with a nice buttery flavour. Our clients love them and so do we!

    We have been a business client for at least 4 years and have used many of their microgreen seeds for our local indoor microgreens farm.The quality of their seeds is great. The sunflower seeds can be a challenge to grow but we have them under control. They are a staple in our microgreen mix. In all this time we had only 1 time we had an issue with the germination rate but that’s quit a while back.. We’re grateful to have a great seed vendor available in Canada. We believe it’s great to support local businesses and the environment at the same time. Thanks you, we grately appreciate you!

    The Flavor
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    Food Connoisseur
  111. Wayne Masters


    Try different sprouting times from 4 to 12 hrs.
    I currently do 6.5 hrs.
    Use pH 5.5 oxygenated/air stone water.
    I use melted snow or ice as it is hexagonal water.
    I use coir or my thawed garden soil.
    Bottom water.
    Good luck finding microgreen trays.
    Make your own from food grade plastic/200 sq inches.

    The Appearance
    My ancestors aren't from Mars and my DNA is familiar with growing. Many of yours may not be?
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  112. josh

    could be better

    we bought 1kg of sunflower seeds twice and we got about 1 in 10 seeds to sprout so not great in saying that we have bought mustard radish and peas and they were great

  113. Bodhi Herbs

    keep the germination phase warm!!!

    Love the taste, I’ve learned that in the germination phase, the temp can not drop or you get poor germination. “Microgreens grow well in the ambient temperature range of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 24 degrees Celsius)” Once I got the temp under control it was back to business as usual.

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  114. Bodhi Herbs

    germination issues

    I started off with the 1 kg bag and it worked like gangbusters, so I bought a 10 kg bag and have had nothing but issues most of them never germinate. about 1 / 20 germinate… approx maybe even less and those that do not grow long roots as the 1 kg bag did. I’ve tried many things more heat, less water, more water, etc. all the same result. This is my 2nd review for this issue the first one was erased. If it’s a bad batch of seeds say so and get new ones… and i’ll feed these to the birds… but ignoring the problem just looks bad.

    Poor germination. not saleable, such a shame.
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  115. ruel.michele


    [Translated from French by Google translation]. I bought 2 bags of 150 gr of sunflower seeds last March. It was the first month that I bought your products. Before I bought another brand and I had a lot of success. Unfortunately there are many seeds that do not germinate. And those that germinate stay stuck in their shell. However, I do the same method (soaking 8 to 12 hours – sown in moist soil with a weight on top during germination for 4-5 days – then light). The stems are very large and sparse…. What to do?

  116. Brenda Lucas

    Tares amongst the wheat!

    excellent seeds to grow into microgreens but I was surprised to find ragweed/giant ragweed seeds dispersed amongst my bag of sunflower seeds!

    The Taste
    since there were many ragweed seeds, I lost that amount of sunflower seeds!
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    In a Salad
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    Healthy Lifestyle