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Peas, Speckled

89 Customer reviews



These are our best-selling peas for growing tall pea shoots as a microgreen.

  • Days to Grow: 8 to 10
  • Soak Time: 4-8 hours
  • Yield: 1/2 cup of dry seed yields 4-5 cups pea shoots
  • Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last even longer!

Sprouting Directions

Soak: Put approximately 1/4 cup seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 6-12 hours. Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting rack, or in a bowl or drain rack.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in (2-3) days. Refrigerate to store.

Grow Microgreens!
Soilless Method

Soak. Using a tray with drainage holes, rinse enough seed to cover the bottom of the tray. Soak the seed for 4-12 hours. Use a jar with a sprouting lid for soaking if the tray holes are too large. Drain, rinse and drain holding at an angle to remove excess water. Spread the seed evenly on the bottom of the tray and cover with a lid top and bottom or put in plastic bag.

Rinse. Rinse with cold water twice a day, using either a gentle flow from a tap, dipping in a sink, or spraying. Drain thoroughly.

Grow. The roots will form a mat from which the microgreens will emerge. At that point, put in indirect sunlight, florescent/LED lights or grow lights. The watering is then easy: fill the container 1 cm deep with water and allow to sit for a few seconds in the water and then tilt on an angle to decant the water until only some moisture is remaining in the root area. Continue to rinse twice a day as described above.

Typically, microgreens grown without soil are harvested at 7-10 days. Harvest before the next expected rinse so the shoots are dry. Harvest microgreens using scissors or knife.

Instead of harvesting all at once, you can start to harvest microgreens as soon as the first leaves emerge. Take only what you need for your meal and allow the rest to keep growing or put the tray in the fridge loosely covered and a plastic bag or dome to harvest.

Grow Microgreens!
Soil Method

You will need:

• 10” x 20” gardening trays (1-inch-tall preferred), 1 with
holes + 1 without. Smaller microgreen trays also work well.
• Good quality organic starting soil mix
• Parchment paper or unbleached paper towel,
• Dome lids (clear or black) or plastic sheet
• Organic seed
• Mister bottle, cup measures, garden spray nozzle (optional)
• Scissors or sharp knife

1. Soak the Seed
Larger seed such as sunflower, buckwheat, microgreen salad mix, wheat and peas should be washed then soaked in water for 6 – 12 hours prior to seeding. Drain, rinse and drain the seed after soaking.

2. Prepare Soil
Add water to top of the bag (or each tray) 12 hours ahead of use until almost fully hydrated. Rehydrate the bag as necessary. If you were to put the soil in your hand and squeeze it, you should not be able to get much more than a drop of water out of it for the perfect moisture content. If you want to mist the seed after putting it on the soil, reduce the water hydration of the bagged soil a bit.
TIP: To check for overwatering, tip the tray to one end. Water should not pool enough to drip out of the tray.

3. Fill Trays with Soil
Use a tray with holes. Fill with 3/4-1.5” of soil. The closer to the top of the tray the better aid to air circulation. Use a block or your hand to smooth and flatten the soil without compacting it. The back of a tablespoon or spatula smooths out the valleys. You can wait to put the tray without holes under until after unstacking/uncovering or add it to the bottom now.
TIP: Place a layer or two of paper towel on the bottom of the tray before adding soil for easier cleanup.

4. Sow the Seed
Spread the soaked seed evenly over the soil in the tray. The seeding density depends on the stage at which you’re planning to harvest. You should have one layer of seeds, side by side and mostly not overlapping. Spread out any clumps with a spoon or your hands. Sow slightly less seed for 2-3 week microgreens.

5. Cover the Seed
Doing away with soil as a seed cover decreases the work and time it takes to grow the greens. If stacking the trays on top of each other, use a cover directly on the seed like parchment paper, a plastic sheet or wet unbleached paper towel layer. When not stacking trays, the seed will need protection from drying out by using a dome/lid. Use a clear dome or an inverted 10 x 20” tray without holes. For smaller trays, use several layers of unbleached paper towels folded onto itself with or without a plastic sheet covering the top.
TIP: Most microgreens will grow taller when you keep the light out at the beginning, but this may make the stem weaker. Most seeds germinate in the light no problem.

6. Stack Trays
Stacking helps to quickly force the roots into the soil, provides darkness, promotes even germination/growth. Stack 2-5 filled trays on top of each other with an empty tray on the top of the stack with a weight in it. Check at least once a day to see if the trays need water. Stack for 3-5 days. Sunflowers stay stacked the longest -5 days. Put no holes trays under the soil filled holed trays.

7. Expose to Indirect Sunlight, Florescent/LED or Grow Lights.
After 2-5 days, the microgreens should be ready for light. If the microgreens begin to get quite tall and leggy, this is an indication that they may need a bit more light.

8. Water the Growing Microgreens
Check the seed once or twice daily and water as needed. The soil should be moist, not wet. Once trays are unstacked, add water from below into the no holes tray as necessary.

9. Harvest!
Pea shoots are usually harvested around 7 to 10 days with scissors or a sharp knife. Make sure microgreens are not damp before storing. If needed, you may use a small fan or salad spinner to dry the microgreens before storing in a sealed container in the fridge.

Instead of harvesting all at once, you can start to harvest microgreens as soon as the first leaves emerge. Take only what you need for your meal and allow the rest to keep growing or put the tray in the fridge loosely covered and a plastic bag or dome to harvest another day. Water as necessary.

10. Enjoy!
Microgreens make everything better, so have fun with them and add them to your favourite dishes!

Helpful tips:

• To moisten your bag of soil, add water ahead until almost fully hydrated.
• The roots grow under the soil so it works well to water from below if the tray has holes in it, or open the side of the tray and pour water beside the soil when using flexible plastic trays. Otherwise misting or watering from the top works well too.

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89 Customer reviews
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  1. Jumpingranny

    I started with a small amount and had to re-order they were so good. The peas sprout really well and taste so fresh. I have used them in salads, and stir-fries and on sandwiches.

  2. none


  3. Dogs best friend

    I had read that the speckled pea shoots were very healthy. Was buying them in the grocery store. By fluke I decided to give our elderly dog some. Well theres been no turning back. A dog that wasn’t as vigorous as usual , became vigorous. I can’t seem to keep ahead of his need for speckled pea shoots. It was such a boost to his overall wellbeing. It naturally makes you examine your food choices, for us & our dog. I grow them at home now. Its easy & rewarding.

  4. Logan Lake Secondary

    We ordered a sample size of these peas and loved them. We re-ordered a 5kg bag to use in our LLSS Healthy Lunch Program. We put them in wraps, salads and tacos.

  5. glitchless

    These sprouted very easily as advertised. They were edible after only a few days, but never shed the husks. They are very crunchy. if you like crunchy then these are for you. I found them bland.

  6. Beat Hegnauer

    Great Product. Easy to grow.

  7. k8ydid

    These peas are delightfully tender with a sweet ‘pea’ flavour. These are tendril-minimal for those that prefer less tendril in their pea shoot, and they grow tall for an exceptional presentation.

  8. sprouting mamma

    Can’t grow enough of these delicious peas! There are so many ways to eat them, but an awful lot of them just disappear as we pass by the sprouting table and pinch one off, they are so hard to resist.

  9. Neil Bixby

    I cannot say enough good about speckled pea shoots which we grow from organic seeds bought from Mumms. We used them on sandwiches, in salads or as a garnish over cooked foods or soups. The nutritional benefits are said to be numerous.

  10. MyFiona

    I’ve always loved pea shoots, but restaurants usually serve them as a garnish. We have them by the handful now. They’re great in wraps, and as a side dish or a snack. Sometimes we put them in a stir fry at the last minute, just enough to heat them without actually cooking them. My sprouters are on the kitchen counter, and it’s so easy to snip off a few shoots as I’m walking by. Great nibbles.

  11. superioursailor

    My first attempt at growing these speckled peas as micro-greens has produced great results in less time than I expected.


    I grow dense leafy sprouts of speckled peas in the efficient and easy to use Sproutmaster.
    It goes a long way in complementing my winter greens.

  13. bearfoot

    I found these to be kind of tough compared to other pea shoots I have grown.

  14. janet

    I got this product from the leafninja site. So far, beautiful and great value and great taste.

  15. gordie

    If you’re not growing these gems as a micro green…. you’re missing out

  16. Elza

    Have been buying these seeds for years! Love my pea sprouts and very please with Mumm’s services!

  17. Lauren

    Super easy to grow and they go great with almost everything.

  18. Adam Lindoro

    Speckled Pea microgreens are our mainstay. We do a 10-day growth in a Freshlife sprouter. Using two barrels, we start a new crop every 5 days, therefore we can harvest our maturing 10-day crop every five days. We would hate to be without these peas which we get from Mumm’s. With kitchen scissors we cut up a large handful and cut them as fine as cut parsley, adding this to our salads. Our salads are our main course! Everything always organic. You take some speckled pea microgreens, some lettuce and other salad greens, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, avocado if available, sunflower oil, lemon juice,. a little unpasteurized yogurt, grate some cheddar cheese over, add some Herbamare salt. Wow. A little brown rice or pasta or potato and what more do we need!?

  19. SproutPool

    Grows well in good quality potting soil and grows fast! My dog loves it, my partner loves it and I love it! It’s a very easy seed to grow into a microgreen. I haven’t tried growing it hydroponically as I prefer growing in soil. Taste delicious in sandwiches, salads and even smoothies.

  20. Grow North

    I started growing microgreens about 6 months ago. I really like the speckled peas as they are quick to grow, larger than sprouts and add a healthy green element to my meals.

  21. Majorie

    It is perfect, it grows easily and the product is strong with a nice color and is very good for green juice.

  22. Sprout lover

    Speckled Peas microgreens are a central component of our diet. We feel they are worth every bit of the effort we put into growing them. We don’t know what we’d do without them.

  23. saladfiend

    I grow these in my box window in alternating trays and have been self-sufficient in salad greens all through the winter. They germinate and grow well even in a cooler house, and taste terrific. They are also very beautiful!

  24. Thoroughbred Lover

    Love these sprouts and need to do more at a time. Keep eating them as sprouts and they didn’t get much chance to grow into micro greens. Great viability almost all seeds sprouted.

  25. Shirl

    Great value as have you seen the price of sprouts in the stores. Enjoying the tasty sprouts in salads and smoothies.

  26. Nat

    Like them in sandwiches and salads

  27. David

    These are great microgreens. Easy to grow when spaced out nicely.
    Fantastic flavour.
    Great service over and above great seeds

  28. Farmer Jones

    High germination seed that grows fast and is well suited to tray culture. The shoots are juicy and
    Taste just like peas. The shoots keep up to a week refrigerated. Wide variety of uses from salad to
    Juicing to stir frying. A new staple crop in my home. Using indoor tray culture shoots are ready by day 7 and can be left growing till day 10 at a height of 10+ inches. Highly Recommended

  29. Winston

    Great taste!

  30. Healing Soil Microbes

    Not only are these peas yummy but the health benefits are extensive. Our kids, friends, dogs and even our chickens love them. They are even great for our compost! A closed cycle and all thanks to Mumm:-) My go to seed supplier. Great products, prices, service AND free shipping! Thank you Mumm’s Seeds. Please keep it up so we may all benefit from your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated.

  31. new to sprouting

    I’m new to sprouting and oh my, these pea shoots are delicious! They’ve grown so fast we’re enjoying them daily.

  32. Nutrition Nerd

    We have been sprouting speckled peas for 3 years now and have an abundant harvest of greens all winter long. We have tried a variety of sprouts and we have found (for shoots) these are the easiest to maintain and harvest. We grow them without soil also so there is no mess after harvest is done. They grow evenly and vigorously in very little sunlight on our North window. We use them in salads and stir-frys, or just eat handfuls of them for a snack. I reccomend them for anyone wanting to graduate beyond jar sprouting.

  33. Fiefie

    I grew these as micro-greens twice now. They are very tasty, but the stems are tougher than the Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas that I also purchased from you. I ate them as is, or in sandwiches. They might be better juiced. I kept the soaked seeds in the dark and weighted down until they sprouted, then removed the weights and placed the trays near my east-facing window (November in Edmonton). The speckled peas take only four days to sprout and another few days in the sun to get the second set of leaves – ready to eat. I’m growing pea sprouts because they are a natural source of diamine oxidase (DAO) – helpful for histamine intolerance.

  34. Alchemy

    Love these speckled peas. I have grown them as a sprout and as a microgreen. I love both, but I like the microgreen better….. Better yield.

  35. The Good Seed

    Grew a large order of these tasty pea shoots for a client who used them at a trade show. Very quick growing and tasty.

  36. Happy Sprouter

    We eat these daily. Cut before they get too tall or they get a little stringy to chew. Or use the tops in salad and the stems in a smoothie. Delicious! Chickens don’t like but they add fabulous nitrogen to my compost

  37. NothingBettertodo

    First time I have ordered and was not disappointed…..Easy to grow & Great taste

  38. Carrot Top

    We really enjoy these sprouts. They are easy to grow in the Sprout Master and are very tasty. We use them in salads and add them to many dishes.

  39. Raminagrobis

    I like this product because it is not too costly and it has a very high rate of sprouting.

  40. Tuulasgarden

    I grow these pea shoots in a bit of organic soil in my Urban Cultivator. They sprout very quickly and are absolutely fantastic in salads and sandwiches! Much, much better to grow and eat than others I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

  41. new tree old tree farms

    Easy to start and they taste great. used them in salads and stir fry

  42. Witty Peasant

    They were easy to grow and great in a salad. Grown on baby blanket.

  43. lc mirco farm

    Great taste and good yield with great versatility. and we get a second growth after the first harvest

  44. Myles

    I am new to microgreens, but my first harvest of pea shoots was really good. These are tender, have amazing pea flavour, and have good shelf life. I’ve used them several ways like salads, but by far the best was quickly braised in oil and garlic. Add some salt and enjoy. I am growing my second batch and can’t wait.

  45. Valerie Russell

    All seeds were great. Enjoying our own sprouts daily. Have placed a second order for more variety. Excellent service.
    Val Russell

  46. Loretta Anderson.

    I grow microgreens! Speckled peas are the BEST. Just beautiful and so tasty. No tendrils which I like!

  47. DHarris

    Love my pea shoots and everyone else that I share” with. thank you mumms seeds”

  48. Vegan

    My wife’s favorite microgreen very reliable easy to grow . Excellent service from Mumms

  49. Ryan

    Peas came up really fast…ready in about 10 days! And extremely tasty! Ran out really fast so I planted twice as many for my next batch! I’ll be ordering at least 10kg next time!

  50. Nutrition Nerd

    I have been using these peas for about 5 or more years. We used to do a variety, but with a busy household and limited time, we decided the speckled peas were the most practical as well as tasty. I use them in salads, eat raw in big handfuls and add to stir-fries or anything that needs some life and color. When grown properly they all grow at the same rate so can be chopped without any fussing with hulls or picking through for the right size. They also store well in the fridge for a week or more, when they need to be all cut at the same time to make room for more. Also because they have such a thick root system they need no soil for growing and we grow them on the north side of the house (with only sun light). They are the perfect sprout in my opinion.

  51. Peter

    A very high germination rate and speedy growth. 1 or 2 days to germinate and 10 more to harvest. Using 1.8 cups seed planted on top of organic potting soil to yield 1.5 pounds per flat in 12 days. Great taste!

  52. Ferme La Belle Campagne

    Produit qui pousse bien, égal en hauteur et en taux de germination. Très bon en bouche et très tendre.

  53. Milo

    Very satisfied with the product. I have been buying this product for over a year, and never been disappointed.

  54. Brit

    These are fantastic and grow so well. As long as you keep the soil moist they grow really well. They also keep well in the fridge,

  55. Ande

    I am a microgreen gardener and I use these in a salad mix. Great flavour! highly recommended

  56. Greenlover

    I purchased a big 5kg bag of these to grow microgreens, and they have worked wonderfully. They arrived fast, and have a high germination rate, producing strong, healthy green shoots, and great taste!

  57. Sophie

    Easy to order. Arrived within one week – this was most excellent! All seeds were of excellent quality and sprouted well. Purchased pea seeds for making pea shoots, and also mung beans for sprouts. Will definitely use this company again and again. Have also recommended this company to other friends. Hope to try a few other products in the near future.

  58. Babygiraffe

    I grow these in sprouting trays lined with baby blanket. 4-5 days in the dark with weights, then 2 days on the windowsill to green and grow tall. Delicious in sandwiches, as a garnish, or a side dish.

  59. Ralph Pigott

    We have been using the Speckled Pea seed for shoots for a couple of years , every day, and they are the only kind we use now. They take about 2 weeks to get 3 inches tall and are delicious in sandwitches and salads.

  60. LISA


  61. HomeDIYer

    Very easy to grow even for me with very little knowledge in sprouting. Excellent germination and grow rate. You will be amazed how quick it grows. Love it!

  62. Getting Clean

    Makes a great snack

  63. Elaine

    These seem a bit tough and bitter compared to the others. Also develop roots on the sprouts more quickly.

  64. gimper

    Sprout in a few days and grow evenly. They will actually grow tall even to several inches if you want long sprouts.

  65. PKAvidSprouter

    Pea shoots are definitely my favourite type of microgreens. They are super easy to grow, once they start they grow very uniform shoots and offer an excellent flavor with a juicy crunch. The ordered seeds have shown a superb germination rate and I always make sure to have several trays started about a week apart – for a continuous supply of home grown super food.

  66. Carmie

    Loved the taste and appearance.

  67. Beccackle

    Delivery was prompt and quality superb.

  68. Lake View Farms

    These are great growing and tasting peas. Our favourites!

  69. Brenda

    These seeds germinate and grow beautifully!i could not be happier with service, shipping time or product. Best thing yet for Saskatchewan to have this business. Keep up the good work.. through these trying timed

  70. Sati

    I heard from my friend about the peas sprout,I bought these seeds and started in my house. These peas sprout were really good to grow and also taste so great. We can eat fresh sprout all days in my house. It helps my health.

  71. Lou Stojanov

    I have been ordering for a long time now and always delivered a great product. Away’s have sprouted for me.

  72. 阿亚


  73. Vancouver

    I cam to know Mumm’s from a YouTuber who was talking about microgreen. I became interested and ordered the Speckled peas plus 2 more seed products. We use them as stir fry, salad and even as garnish. Oh, so pretty! I am so happy with my purchase.

  74. Steve

    These had a high germination rate and an excellent harvest!

  75. Tracy

    The peas sprout really well and taste so good.

  76. Peashootslover

    Know the product through a YouTuber when try to grow sprout at home. Order the speckled peas immediately online. Very happy with the product – easy to grow and the sprout tastes so fresh. And also happy with the customer service – answering my online inquiry promptly. Thank you!

  77. Foodie4ever

    I grow these for my cat – these are his favourite beyond even ‘cat grass’! Of course I eat some too – great on salads and as garnish on any dish. I bought some seeds from a local garden centre and they were not as good quality / viability as these seeds.

  78. Bearded Gardner

    Great for green drinks

  79. Food Lover

    They are so easy to grow and taste really good. If you love to grow your own microgreens, I highly recommend it.

  80. chk sprouting Guy

    it is very easy to sprout! 99% of peas are good to use. it is a happy shopping experience and will be back again .

  81. Powerstyle

    The quality is very good and the price is excellent! I’ll keep buying from you guys!

  82. C_peas

    Out of all the peas we’ve tried, the speckled variety seems to be the most consistent and easy to grow. Never a bad harvest!

  83. Steve

    High germination rate and harvesting pea shoot microgreens in 9 days

  84. Steve

    These are our favorite microgreens to grow. High germination rate, they grow fast and grow a good yield.

  85. Cat

    I love green peas and these ones are no exception. For the price, you can buy frozen peas cheaply and you can also cheaply buy whole peas and sprout them yourself. My favorite thing to do with these sprouted peas is to cook them and then puree them as a dip. They are also lovely on their own, or pureed to make bean burgers.

  86. Bruce Johnston

    Good Pea

    I grew Dwarf Grey Sugar and Speckled Peas as microgreens side-by-side. It may have been the batch (or something unrealized) but the Speckled were a day ahead and more uniform in height. I have not tried either as sprouts.

    Grown in a shallow tray, the root seems to push the seed above the soil level. Good. Easier to clip and harvest.

    The Appearance
    Best Uses
    In a Salad
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  87. 10922749 Canada Ltd

    beautiful and delicious Pea microgreens that never dissapoint

    We have been a business client for at least 4 years and have used many of their microgreen seeds for our local indoor microgreens farm.The quality of their seeds is great. These peas are the ones we always use and they never ever disappointed us. They grow nice and tall as a microgreen in 10-12 days. Germication is always awesome. We’re grateful to have a great seed vendor available in Canada. We believe it’s great to support local businesses and the environment at the same time. Thanks you, we grately appreciate you!

    The Appearance
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    Food Connoisseur
  88. Mathieu Bastien

    Incredible yield

    Incredible yield! Far better than the yellow peas i’m used to. Perfect crop, near 100% germination rate. They’ll be done in about 10 days from the moment you soak them. If you run a microgreens business, this is the first crop you should try out.

    The Appearance
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  89. Bernadette Yu

    Almost all seeds germinated.

    These peas are fast-growing outdoors! After soaking, it takes only 8 days to grow strong shoots. I wish this site allowed me to post pictures of my microgreens. They are amazing. The second harvest also resulted in strong shoots when I used homemade compost to grow them outdoors. I harvest the top portion of the shoots for stir-fries. The fibrous part of the stems is great for making smoothies.

    The Appearance
    They don't germinate at the same time when you grow them indoors even after presoaking for 12 hours. They have thinner stems and do not look as vibrant. They also don't taste as good. I suppose these seeds love the sunlight and fresh air!
    Best Uses
    As an Ingredient
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    Healthy Lifestyle