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Chia, Black

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Chia‚ Black

Use in smoothies, baking, or grow chia sprouts!

Grow Microgreens!
Soilless Method (Gelatinous Seeds)

No Soak, mist only. Day 1
Fit a heavy duty unbleached paper towel, coffee filter, or Baby Blanket to your sprouter of choice- on a plate, porous surface like a terracotta pot bottom or tray with grid holes in the bottom of it.

Mist paper towel so the seed will stick to the surface when you spread them.

Sprinkle the seed in one thin layer so after misted and taken up the water, the seeds will be one seed beside the other. Use spoon or other tool to separate clumps.

Mist seed on the towel 2x in the first hour or two to be sure it has started to hydrate. Pour off pooled water.

Place sprouter in a vented plastic bag and return it after every rinse.

Rinse/mist twice daily.

Once the seed is stuck to the paper mist more aggressively. Use enough water to prevent roots from browning or water from a slow-moving tap.

Drain off any excess water with each rinse. Tap the sprouter to release water from the holes. Drain off excess water on your plate.

Grow & Harvest

By day 3 the sprouts have raised above the towel and start to free themselves from the towel. At this time, you can decide to take the towel out or let the roots grow into the towel in a day or two. If you choose to scrape the sprouts off the towel carefully water under the tap gently until you harvest on day 5, 6 or 7. The gelatinous nature of the hulls, make them susceptible to mold so eat the sprouts soon after harvest.
If you chose to leave the sprouts to grow into the towel, water until the new shoots are tall enough to cut with scissors above the roots- probably day 7 to 9.
Cress is the only gelatinous seed you will be able to put in a bowl of water and float some of the hulls off of if you want to. There is lots of fiber in the hulls and there are advantages to eating the whole sprout.


Baby BlanketSoilUnglazed Clay Surface

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4 Customer reviews
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  1. Gab

    Great prices and great products, thank you!

  2. Yukon_Sprouter

    The quality of these seeds is always phenomenal from Mumm’s. We use them in recipes (in particular a great chia yoghurt with almond milk, bananas, berries and vanilla – yum yum!), on oatmeal and for sprouting. These seeds pack a nutritional punch that’s hard to get elsewhere… everyone should add chia seeds to their diet.

  3. Auntie C

    I remember the chia pets from long ago and never thought much about eating the sprouts let alone the seeds. While cruising recipes on the internet, I came across recipes for chia pudding and decided I must try these for breakfast. I was amazed at how great tasting and filling these recipes were. The health benefits are many and chia has become a staple in my diet now.

  4. love your greens

    Great product at a great price.