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SOAK 1-2 HOURS ONLY. Drain very well.

Seed appearance can vary from photo lot to lot. This can change frequently.

  • Days to Sprout: Sprout- 4-5, Microgreen- 7-10
  • Soak Time: 1-2 hours
  • Yield: 1 tbsp of dry seed yields approx. 1 cup of sprouts.
  • Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last even longer!

Sprouting Directions

Soak: Put 1-2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 1-2 hours. (Soaking broccoli for longer than 2 hours can cause it to lose germination.) Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting rack, in a bowl or drain rack.

TIP: After draining, tap the jar gently to remove excess moisture. Rotate the jar and tap gently a few more times.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain well by tapping excess water from jar.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in 5 days. Refrigerate to store. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry.)

Soak: Put 1-2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 1-2 hours. (Soaking broccoli for longer than 2 hours can cause it to lose germination.) Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting rack, or in a bowl or drain rack.

TIP: After draining, tap the shake the jar gently to remove excess moisture. Rotate the jar and tap gently a few more times.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain well by tapping excess water from jar.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in 5 days. Refrigerate to store. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry. If you need to store immediately after rinsing, spin dry first.)

Helpful tips:
• Some sprouts tend to clump together as they grow. To separate, fill the jar with water, remove the screen and stir gently with a fork during the regular rinse. Remove hulls if desired. Drain well as usual.
• The drier they are the better sprouts keep. Be sure to let sprouts grow another half day after the final sorting rinse before storing in the fridge. Optional: put folded paper towel on top of the sprouts in the jar. Put lid on and refrigerate turned upside down. This removes excess moisture.
• If your home is very warm during the summer months, it may help to rinse the sprouts three times a day with cold water. Stir gently if clumping.
• To remove the hulls and unsprouted seeds from leafy sprouts, use a special sorting rinse. Pull sprouts out of the jar into a large bowl filled with water. Swish gently using fingers to separate the tangled roots. Most hulls will separate and rise or sink. Discard the hulls. Collect the sprouts back to the jar with or without aid of a strainer. Return the sprouting closure and drain so you can continue for half a day more of sprouting.
• Some brassicas (cabbage family) like radish and broccoli develop very fuzzy root hairs the longer you leave them undisturbed and these can be mistaken for mould. You will even see these after a few days of storage in the fridge. Stirring and rinsing removes the root hairs for a time.

Soak: Using a tray with drainage holes, rinse enough seed to cover the bottom of the tray. Soak the seed for 1-2 hours. Use a jar with a sprouting lid for soaking if the tray holes are too large. Drain, rinse and drain holding at an angle to remove excess water. Spread the seed evenly on the bottom of the tray and cover with a lid top and bottom or put in plastic bag.

Rinse: Rinse with cold water twice a day, using either a gentle flow from a tap, dipping in a sink, or spraying. Drain thoroughly.

Grow. The roots will form a mat from which the microgreens will emerge. At that point, put in indirect sunlight, florescent/LED lights or grow lights. The watering is then easy: fill the container 1 cm deep with water and allow to sit for a few seconds in the water and then tilt on an angle to decant the water until only some moisture is remaining in the root area. Continue to rinse twice a day as described above.

Typically, microgreens grown without soil are harvested at 7-10 days. Harvest before the next expected rinse so the shoots are dry. Harvest before the next expected rinse so the shoots are dry. Harvest microgreens using scissors or knife.

Instead of harvesting all at once, you can start to harvest microgreens as soon as the first two leaves are spread out. Take only what you need for your meal and allow the rest to keep growing or put the tray in the fridge loosely covered and a plastic bag or dome to harvest another day.

• 10” x 20” gardening trays (1-inch-tall preferred), 1 with
holes + 1 without. Smaller microgreen trays also work well.
• Good quality organic starting soil mix
• Parchment paper or unbleached paper towel (optional).
• Dome lids (clear or black) or plastic sheet
• Organic seed
• Mister bottle, cup measures, garden spray nozzle (optional)
• Scissors or sharp knife

1. Don’t soak small or medium size seed. Small seed such as broccoli and arugula are easier to sprinkle on top of the soil if they are not soaked.

2. Prepare Soil
Add water to top of the bag (or each tray) 12 hours ahead of use until almost fully hydrated. Rehydrate the bag as necessary. If you were to put the soil in your hand and squeeze it, you should not be able to get much more than a drop of water out of it for the perfect moisture content. If you want to mist the seed after putting it on the soil, reduce the water hydration of the bagged soil a bit.
TIP: To check for overwatering, tip the tray to one end. Water should not pool enough to drip out of the tray.

3. Fill Trays with Soil
Use a tray with holes. Fill with 3/4-1.5” of soil. The closer to the top of the tray the better aid to air circulation. Use a block or your hand to smooth and flatten the soil without compacting it. The back of a tablespoon or spatula smooths out the valleys. You can wait to put the tray without holes under until after unstacking/uncovering or add it to the bottom now.
TIP: Place a layer or two of paper towel on the bottom of the tray before adding soil for easier cleanup.

4. Sow the Seed
Sprinkle the seed evenly over the soil in the tray (pizza cheese shaker, spoon). The seeding density depends on the stage at which you’re planning to harvest. For small seeds for 1-week microgreens, start with approximately 15 -28 grams (1.5 – 2 Tbsp). Sow slightly less seed for 2-3 week microgreens.

Seeds do not need misting if the soil has enough moisture. Mist if you need more moisture. Use a spray bottle or a garden spray nozzle set to light mist. The soil should be moist throughout, but not soaking wet.

5. Cover the Seed
Doing away with soil as a seed cover decreases the work and time it takes to grow the greens. If stacking the trays on top of each other, use a cover directly on the seed like parchment paper, a plastic sheet or wet unbleached paper towel layer. When not stacking trays, the seed will need protection from drying out by using a dome/lid. Use a clear dome or an inverted 10 x 20” tray without holes. For smaller trays, use several layers of unbleached paper towels folded onto itself with or without a plastic sheet covering the top.
TIP: Most microgreens will grow taller when you keep the light out at the beginning, but this may make the stem weaker. Most seeds germinate in the light no problem.

6. Stack Trays or Cover with Lids
Stacking helps to quickly force the roots into the soil, provides darkness, promotes even germination/growth. Stack 2-5 filled trays on top of each other with an empty tray on the top of the stack with a weight in it. Check at least once a day to see if the trays need water. Cabbage family seed sprouts quickly, so stack for 2-3 days. Others stack 3-5 days.

If choosing not to stack, simply cover the trays with clear or black-out plastic, a lid or dome. Check at least once a day to see if the trays need water. Cover for the same number of days as above.

7. Expose to Indirect Sunlight, Florescent/LED or Grow Lights.
After 2-5 days, the microgreens should be ready for light. If the microgreens begin to get quite tall and leggy, this is an indication that they may need a bit more light.

8. Water the Growing Microgreens
Check the seed once or twice daily and water as needed. The soil should be moist, not wet. Once trays are unstacked, add water from below into the no holes tray as necessary.

9. Harvest!
Microgreens are harvested at 1-3 weeks with scissors or a sharp knife. Make sure microgreens are not damp before storing. If needed, you may use a small fan or salad spinner to dry the microgreens before storing in a sealed container in the fridge.

Instead of harvesting all at once, you can start to harvest microgreens as soon as the first two leaves are spread out. Take only what you need for your meal and allow the rest to keep growing or put the tray in the fridge loosely covered and a plastic bag or dome to harvest another day. Water as necessary.

10. Enjoy!
Microgreens make everything better, so have fun with them and add them to your favourite dishes!

Helpful tips:

• To moisten your bag of soil, add water ahead until almost fully hydrated.
• The roots grow under the soil so it works well to water from below if the tray has holes in it, or open the side of the tray and pour water beside the soil when using flexible plastic trays. Otherwise misting or watering from the top works well too.

JarSprouting TrayEasy Sproutersoil

Jar Method:SOAK- Put 1 to 2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar. Cover with mesh and secure with rubber band. Add water, swirl, and drain. Add 1 cup cool water and soak for 1-2 hours. (Soaking broccoli for longer than 2 hours can cause it to loose germination.) Drain well.RINSE – Twice a day, refill jar with cool water, swirl, and drain very well by tapping and banging. Invert jar and prop at an angle in a sink or bowl.ENJOY – Ready to eat in 4 to 5 days. Refrigerate to store. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry- do not store immediately after rinsing.) Tray Method:SOAK- Cover the bottom of the sprouting tray with soil or baby blanket. Moisten the growing medium. Sprinkle on dry broccoli seed and mist with spray bottle.WATER – Twice a day, rinse the seeds. Either rinse under a tap of running water, or use a spray bottle to mist well. Tip the tray to the side to drain well.ENJOY – Ready to eat in 7 to 10 days. Using sharp knife or clean scissors, cut above the soil bed.Refrigerate to store. Sprouts can be refrigerated for up to two weeks in a sealed container. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry- do not store immediately after rinsing.)

“OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether sulforaphane (SFN), an isothiocyanate derived from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, regulates synoviocyte hyperplasia and T cell activation in rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


CONCLUSION: SFN was found to inhibit synovial hyperplasia, activated T cell proliferation, and the production of IL-17 and TNFalpha by rheumatoid T cells in vitro. The antiarthritic and immune regulatory effects of SFN, which were confirmed in vivo, suggest that sulphoraphane may offer a possible treatment option for rheumatoid arthritis.”

Inhibition of synovial hyperplasia, rheumatoid T cell activation, and experimental arthritis in mice by sulforaphane, a naturally occurring isothiocyanate.
Arthritis Rheum. 2009 Dec 28;62(1):159-170.
Kong JS, Yoo SA, Kim HS, Kim HA, Yea K, Ryu SH, Chung YJ, Cho CS, Kim WU.

“Eating a daily portion of broccoli sprouts could help tame the H. pylori bacteria, linked to stomach ulcers and even cancer, research suggests.

The study in Cancer Prevention Research of 50 people in Japan found eating 2.5 ounces of broccoli sprouts each day for two months may confer some protection.”

BBC News
6 April 2009
Baby broccoli controls ‘gut bug’

“People with nasal allergies or asthma may want to add broccoli sprouts to their diets, if early research findings pan out.

In a study of 65 healthy volunteers, researchers found that an oral preparation made from broccoli sprouts trigger an increase in inflammation-fighting enzymes in the upper airways.

The credit appears to go to a compound called sulforaphane, which is found naturally in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage.

Sulforaphane triggers an increase in antioxidant enzymes that help counter cell damage and inflammation brought on by oxidative stress — from sources like air pollution and environmental allergens.

“Based on this study, compounds in broccoli sprouts have a very potent effect in boosting the airway’s self-defense system against oxidative stress,” explained lead researcher Dr. Marc A. Riedl, an assistant professor at the University of California Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine.”

March 10, 2009
Broccoli sprouts may soothe airway inflammation
Norton, Amy

“The study findings show that sulforaphane, a chemical in broccoli, switches on a set of antioxidant genes and enzymes in specific immune cells, which then combat the injurious effects of molecules known as free radicals that can damage cells and lead to disease.
A dynamic equilibrium exists in the body between the mechanisms that lead to increased free radical production and those antioxidant pathways that help combat free radicals. The delicate balance between pro-oxidant and antioxidant forces in the body could determine the outcome of many disease processes that are associated with aging, including cardiovascular disease, degenerative joint diseases and diabetes, as well as the decline in efficiency of the immune system’s ability to protect against infectious agents.
“We found that treating older mice with sulforaphane increased the immune response to the level of younger mice,” said Hyon-Jeen Kim, first author and research scientist at the Geffen School.

UCLA Newsroom
March 5, 2008
Study finds that broccoli may help boost the aging immune system
Champeau, Rachel’

“Isothiocyanates are a well-known class of cancer chemopreventative agents, and broccoli sprouts are a rich source of several isothiocyanates. We report herein that dietary administration to rats of a freeze-dried aqueous extract of broccoli sprouts significantly and dose-dependently inhibited bladder cancer development induced by N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl) nitrosamine. The incidence, multiplicity, size, and progression of bladder cancer were all inhibited by the extract, while the extract itself caused no histologic changes in the bladder. Moreover, inhibition of bladder carcinogenesis by the extract was associated with significant induction of glutathione S-transferase and NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1 in the bladder, enzymes that are important protectants against oxidants and carcinogens…… In conclusion, broccoli sprout extract is a highly promising substance for bladder cancer prevention and the isothiocyanates in the extract are selectively delivered to the bladder epithelium through urinary excretion.”

Cancer Research
Feb 28, 2009
Inhibition of Urinary Bladder Carcinogenesis by Broccoli Sprouts.
Munday R, Mhawech-Fauceglia P, Munday CM, Paonessa JD, Tang L, Munday JS, Lister C, Wilson P, Fahey JW, Davis W, Zhang Y

“An imbalance between production and scavenging of oxidants is a commonality found in factors that result in fetal determinants that negatively affect adult health. We reasoned that a dietary intervention that promotes oxidant scavenging through phase 2 protein induction would have positive effects on fetal programming of adult health. Previously, we demonstrated that a diet containing broccoli sprouts high in glucoraphanin (Grn), precursor of the phase 2 protein inducer sulforaphane, decreased oxidative stress and associated problems in male spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rats (SHRsp). We hypothesized that placing females on a Grn-containing (Grn(+)) diet would have similar positive effects and that the adult offspring of such females would have lower blood pressures and less tissue inflammation than offspring from mothers on control diet. We demonstrate that female SHRsp on a Grn(+) diet had decreased oxidative stress and associated problems such as hypertension than females on control diet. The offspring of females on Grn(+) diet also had lower blood pressures and less tissue inflammation in adulthood regardless of diet, with offspring placed on a Grn(+) diet having the best health outcomes. We conclude that reducing oxidative stress in pregnant females has profound outcomes in the health of their adult offspring.”

FASEB J (The journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
2006 Feb;20(2):371-3.
Dietary approaches to positively influence fetal determinants of adult health.
Noyan-Ashraf MH, Wu L, Wang R, Juurlink BH.

“Eating broccoli sprouts during pregnancy may provide your kids with life-long protection against cardiovascular disease, according to a research team led by Bernhard Juurlink at the University of Saskatchewan.

Using pregnant rats, the researchers found that not only did the broccoli sprouts improve the mothers’ health, they also seem to improve the health of their offspring into adulthood – even if the babies never tasted a sprout.”

News Release University of Saskatchewan
January 31, 2006
Broccoli Sprouts Eaten During Pregnancy May Provide Children with Life-long Protection Against Heart Disease

“The researchers isolated compounds called glucosinolates from broccoli sprouts. During chopping, chewing and digestion, these phytochemicals morph into nutritional powerhouses called isothiocyanates – compounds that the scientists believed play a role in inhibiting cancer.
Their hunch was right, at least in the laboratory experiments. There, isothiocyanates hindered the growth of bladder cancer cells. And the most profound effect was on the most aggressive form of bladder cancer they studied.”

Research News Ohio State University
28 July 2005
Ohio State Research Communications

“Thioredoxin (Trx) is a multifunctional endogenous redox regulator that protects cells against various types of cellular or tissue stresses. This study was conducted to test whether sulforaphane (SF), a naturally occurring isothiocyanate that is highly concentrated in broccoli sprouts, induces Trx in retinal tissues and whether pretreatment with SF protects against light-induced retinal damage in mice.

Sulforaphane induced Trx in murine retina and effectively reduced retinal light damage. Evidence suggests that the ARE is involved in the mechanism of Trx induction by SF in RPE cells.”

Investigative Opthamology and Visual Science
March 2005 vol. 46 no. 3979-987
Sulforaphane Induces Thioredoxin through the Antioxidant-Responsive Element and Attenuates Retinal Light Damage in Mice
Masaki Tanito, Hiroshi Masutani, Yong-Chul Kim, Mai Nishikawa, Akihiro Ohira, Junji Yodoi

“Compounds in broccoli may supercharge the body’s ability to mop up free radicals and so protect against high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease, according to research led by University of Saskatchewan health scientist Bernhard Juurlink and recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in the U.S.
The study suggests a modest change in diet could have profound health benefits. Juurlink says if humans respond the same way as the test animals,one or two grams of fresh broccoli sprouts per day per kilo of body weight would do the trick. This works out to 70 to 140 grams (roughly two to four ounces) for a 70-kilogram person, or a smallish serving with supper every day. The team hopes to repeat the study in human subjects to confirm the beneficial effects.”

News Release University of Saskatchewan
03 May 2004
Broccoli May Bolster Body’s Defenses Against Heart Disease and Stroke
Juurlink, Bernhard

“ We hypothesized that intake of dietary phase 2 protein inducers would ameliorate both hypertension and atherosclerotic changes in the spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone rat. For 5 days/week for 14 weeks, we fed rats 200 mg/day of dried broccoli sprouts that contained glucoraphanin, which is metabolized into the phase 2 protein-inducer sulforaphane (Group A), sprouts in which most of the glucoraphanin was destroyed (Group B), or no sprouts (Group C). After 14 weeks of treatment, no significant differences were seen between rats in Groups B and C. Rats in Group A had significantly decreased oxidative stress in cardiovascular and kidney tissues….. We conclude that a diet containing phase 2 protein inducers (sulforaphane) also reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular problems of hypertension and atherosclerosis.”

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
March 22, 2004
Dietary approach to attenuate oxidative stress, hypertension, and inflammation in the cardiovascular system
Lingyun Wu , M. Hossein Noyan Ashraf , Marina Facci , Rui Wang , Phyllis G. Paterson, Alison Ferrie, Bernhard H. J. Juurlink

“Twelve healthy subjects (6 males and 6 females) consumed fresh broccoli sprouts (100 g/day) for 1 week for a phase 1 study. Before and after the treatment, biochemical examination was conducted and natural killer cell activity, plasma amino acids, plasma PCOOH (phosphatidylcholine hydroperoxide), the serum coenzyme Q_{10}, urinary 8-isoprostane, and urinary 8-OHdG (8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine) were measured. With treatment, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol decreased, and HDL cholesterol increased significantly. Plasma cystine decreased significantly. All subjects showed reduced PCOOH, 8-isoprostane and 8-OHdG, and increased CoQ_{10}H_{2}/CoQ_{10} ratio. Only one week intake of broccoli sprouts improved cholesterol metabolism and decreased oxidative stress markers.”

V 22, N 1-4/2004, p 271-275
Phase 1 study of multiple biomarkers for metabolism and oxidative stress after one-week intake of broccoli sprouts
Megumi Murashima, Shaw Watanabe, Xing-Gang Zhuo, Mariko Uehara, Atsushi Kurashige

“The research of Fahey et al. aims to identify specific phytochemicals in Brassica vegetables that may confer protection and the mechanisms by which they do so. The hypothesis underlying this work is that certain phytochemicals might raise the activity of enzyme systems that detoxify carcinogens. Several enzyme systems oxidize, reduce, or hydrolyze (phase 1) and then conjugate or otherwise affect (phase 2) drugs, metabolites, carcinogens, and other toxic chemicals, thereby increasing their polarity and excretability. Phase 1 enzymes activate or deactivate carcinogens, depending on the experimental conditions. Phase 2 enzymes are more likely to detoxify. For 20 years, consumption of cruciferous vegetables has been known to induce enzyme detoxification in experimental systems.

Such observations have led Paul Talalay and his colleagues to conduct an elegant series of studies on the effects of cruciferous vegetable extracts on phase 2 enzyme induction and animal tumorigenesis. They have developed an in vitro assay to distinguish bifunctional phytochemicals that induce both phase 1 and phase 2 enzyme systems from monofunctional phytochemicals that induce only phase 2 enzymes. They then used this assay to demonstrate that Brassica vegetables are particularly rich sources of monofunctional phase 2 inducers and to identify the isothiocyanate sulforaphane as the principal phase 2 inducer in broccoli extracts. They also have demonstrated that sulforaphane is a dose-related inhibitor of carcinogen-induced mammary tumorigenesis in rats.

These impressive accomplishments now have been extended to identify phase 2 inducer activity in sprouts of broccoli and in mature plants. Most of this activity derived from the glucosinolate precursor of sulforaphane, glucora-phanin. Because no net synthesis of phase 2 inducers occurs after sprouting, their concentration decreases as the plant grows. Extracts of broccoli sprouts contain 10-100 times the phase 2 inducer activity of mature broccoli plants and are more efficient inhibitors of rat tumorigenesis. In contrast, mature broccoli also contains significant amounts of indole compounds that induce phase 1 as well as phase 2 enzymes. Thus, sprouts would appear to offer at least two anticarcinogenic advantages over mature broccoli: they contain higher concentrations of inducers, and the inducers mainly affect phase 2 enzyme systems. On this basis, Fahey et al. conclude that small amounts of cruciferous vegetable sprouts may be just as protective against cancer as larger amounts of mature plants of the same variety.”

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
1997 Oct 14;94(21):11149-51
Broccoli sprouts as inducers of carcinogen-detoxifying enzyme systems: clinical, dietary, and policy implications.
Nestle M. Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, New York University

“JOHNS HOPKINS SCIENTISTS have found a new and highly concentrated source of sulforaphane, a compound they identified in 1992 that helps mobilize the body’s natural cancer-fighting resources and reduces risk of developing cancer.

“Three-day-old broccoli sprouts consistently contain 20 to 50 times the amount of chemoprotective compounds found in mature broccoli heads, and may offer a simple, dietary means of chemically reducing cancer risk,” says Paul Talalay, M.D., J.J. Abel Distinguished Service Professor of Pharmacology.

Talalay’s research team fed extracts of the sprouts to groups of 20 female rats for five days, and exposed them and a control group that had not received the extracts to a carcinogen, dimethylbenzanthracene. The rats that received the extracts developed fewer tumors, and those that did get tumors had smaller growths that took longer to develop.”

Press Release: John Hopkins University
15 Sept. 1997
Cancer Protection Compound Abundant in Broccoli Sprouts
Kusinitz, Marc

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    Would highly recommend for first time sprouters.
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  27. Kelsey

    I have sprouted a couple of batches of these now, and have been using them in smoothies. While they do appear to grow mold, it is actually just the extremely small, hair-like roots that are growing from each sprout. It’s been a lot of fun to watch them grow with my kids as I teach them about nutrition.

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    A world-renowned toxins doctor in Edmonton told my best friend broccoli sprouts are especially good in helping us get rid of air-borne toxins. So they are one of the four I mixed and really enjoy.

  41. AngieP

    I bought a bag of broccoli seeds and split it with my sister and we are both having problems with slow growth and mold. I have not had this problem before and have been sprouting for quite awhile.

  42. Health Nut

    The current scientific research all point to the benefits of eating leafy green vegetables, which in part is due to the tremendous health benefits of Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is highest in broccoli sprouts, eating a cup of broccoli sprouts will provide the same amount of Sulforaphane of about 25 cups of mature broccoli. 2 tablespoons of seeds will provide you about 8 cups of sprouts (after ~ 5days), that’s equivalent to eating about 200 cups of broccoli.

    According to one study, Sulforaphane content is highest at around 48h to 72h (soaking time excluded). The sprouts will look tiny at this stage. If you want to put the sprouts in salads, you probably want to wait for 4 to 5 days.

    I use mason jars plus mesh netting. 2 tablespoons of seeds per jar. The sprouting rate for these seems to be about 80% to 90%, which is excellent.

    Mumms sells these seeds at a very reasonable price. I hope the company can keep a steady stock of these organic broccoli seeds for years to come.

  43. Lincsheep

    My orders come within or before the estimated date for shipment. The product is excellent and I can buy them from Mumm’s in larger quantities to get a much better price than any of my local suppliers.

  44. Nancy

    I’ve been eating broccoli sprouts for years; I have never felt so healthy! Thanks for continuing to produce such a superior, ultra healthy product

  45. Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds

    The root hairs will show up on the soil surface. They will also show up in the jar method. This is NOT mould, simple tasty root hairs.
    Make sure you stir or disturb the sprouts at every rinse to discourage the root hair growth if desired. They will also show up in storage, when the roots are not disturbed. This goes for all the members of the Cabbage family. Please call us with any issues

  46. Marty

    I forgot about them and didn’t rinse as much as required so my bad they seemed to get a little mild so I tossed them. They would have been perfect if I had taken care as directed. Live and learn.

  47. Dan

    I love these sprouts, they are delicious and easy to grow.

  48. Keen Sprouter

    I have purchased many brands of Broccoli sprout but this is by far the best and sprouts the most evenly per batch!! I will be back!!!!

  49. MrNotCarefule

    I haven’t had any problems sprouting these seeds, and believe me I am not the best at remembering to rinse the seeds. Even after leaving them soaking for 2 days, missing rinses, they still sprout. Awesome!

  50. Nelly

    I think my local store has trouble keeping seeds fresh, because I always had trouble with my broccoli seeds. I decided to order them directly from the company and what a difference. These sprout very well and I have barely any unsprouted seeds at the bottom of my tray.

  51. SproutPool

    My first batch of broccoli sprouts turned out really well using my easy sprouter. I really love the taste and flavor. I made sure to follow the directions on draining to ensure that my sprouts grew well. Now that I know I can grow sprouts, I’m excited to have this as part of my weekly routine of growing sprouts for myself and my partner. Love Mumm’s!

  52. loli

    Great tasting!

  53. ETandnotthatone

    Some of the best seeds we have use for sprouting. Quick and Tasty

  54. Bonnie

    They are excellent. – Once I knew how to store them after sprouting. The first batch I left out overnight to dry as directed and they shrivelled into dry nothing’s. Now I drain them well and put them in my green plastic containers and they are great.

  55. Beb

    These seeds are great to sprout in a jar. It always works out.

  56. SproutPool

    I have sprouted several broccoli sprouts now and we are really enjoying it in a lot of our foods. From smoothies to sandwiches and even on mac and cheese! I love that I’m getting fresh produce in as little as 5 days that’s being grown right in my apartment. The amount of money we have saved on growing our own sprouts is awesome. And there’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own food. The taste is unique and lovely. And of course, I love supporting Mumm’s. Thank you Mumm’s!

  57. Okanagan_Peppers

    Very happy with the sprout seeds and will be ordering again. I ended up soaking my broccoli seeds for 13 hour and they sprouted in about 36 hrs with a very high germination rate.

  58. Elaine Donaldson

    The broccoli sprouts are delicious. I grow them in a Mason Jar, and they are ready to eat in 5 days, I put them in salads, and often just eat them in a small bowl with a fork ,

  59. SproutPool

    I decided to commit to getting the 1kg bag as I find that broccoli sprouts is the most popular in my household. In my previous purchase, I bought a 100 gram and two tablespoon could yield the whole quart of my Easy Sprouter. The only issue I have with this bag with lot #B4 is that I find it does not have such a high yield which is kinda disappointing. I found for two tablespoons of seeds, even a day before harvest time, it’s not at full capacity. I’m not sure if it’s just the temp of my apartment or anything else but I just find the yield not as high as my previous 100gram purchase. Hopefully the kelp fertilizer which I can use as a seed soak will help generate a bigger yield.

  60. Okanagan_peppers

    I ended up soaking the seeds for 13 hrs. Great germination! I think there was only 2 seeds that didn’t sprout out of 2 tbsp of dry seeds. very happy with this product and the way my order was processed and shipped.

  61. Celeste


  62. Shauna

    Love these little power houses! This was my first order online. My order was delivered in a few days, was surprised how fast they came. Five days later I had my first batch of sprouts! Much easier to sprout then I had thought.

  63. squirrel

    I have always been satisfied with fresh taste and color of these sprouts. I have been using these alot and find they have excellent germination every time.

  64. Clo

    I use this sprout in my salads and green smoothies for health reasons. It has an enormous amount of health benefits. It is also simple to sprout. Just with a sprinkle of water every 3rd day, it can last a long week in your fridge. I recommend this product to anyone who is trying to live a healthy and vibrant life.

  65. SLPT

    Easy to grow, though they take 5-6 days. Great slightly peppery flavour, wonderful addition to salads, sandwiches – often use them as the primary ingredient rather than just an addition.

  66. RockyEast

    Following the instructions of soaking for a maximum of 2 hours yielded disappointing results. Soaking overnight resulted in much more sprouting and a crop that was 2 times the size of the 2 hour soaking. From my experience the instructions should say soak overnight or 8-10 hours.

  67. Ellen

    First time sprout and grow Broccoli seed. When I experienced some challenges, I contacted Mumm’s. Thanks Christina and Stephanie for your good support and professional advice!

  68. jerry


  69. Disappointed consumer

    My first order was a small packet of seeds which sprouted well and were delicious. My second order was a 1 kg bag and has been a disappointment. I’ve sprouted 4-5 batches and for all of them, the germination rate is not as high as the 100 g bag and the sprouts start to have a strong sulfurous smell after the 2nd day. They don’t grow upright either, just form a horizontal mat on the tray. Very different from what I got with my first order.

  70. sara

    Nice seeds and for a reasonable cost.

  71. Nelson

    I use the sprouts in my daily smoothie. On used seeds are kept in the fridge freezer until needed. I use a 2 quart sprouter and usually process them in 6-7 days once the sealer is full. After cleaning and spinning it then divide the sprouts and roll them up in 5 sandwich bags and toss them in the freezer. When needed I cut the contents of 1 sandwich bag in half and toss in the smoothie and put the remainder back in the freezer. This allows me maximize the nutritional value of the sprouts without any waste

  72. Loulou-10

    Very please with this product, I saw my sugar level fall dramatically after a week of using it. Further more delivery was quick. I could not have been more please with this transaction.

  73. Jomae

    These seeds were a tiny bit slower to germinate this year but this was not a problem for me – they all germinated. Broccoli sprouts are delicious and purported to be wonderfully healthy.
    I’m always blown away at how quickly my orders arrive – this one being no exception. Thanks Mumm’s

  74. Loulou-10

    Nothing could be easier, and healthier, plus the price is right. I love the test which is much softer than mature broccoli

  75. Thoroughbred Lover

    We just began sprouting after a long hiatus. I found these spouts a tad slow growing but almost all did germinate and became very tasty little fellows. We were eating them so fast they never had a chance to become micro greens! Great taste, mild, but very refreshing.

  76. Bfulton71

    These seeds are great for sprouting and create healthy organic food.

  77. Seed lover

    Buy the broccoli sprouts seeds,the ship is quick,seeds quality is good,high germination rate,will buy again.

  78. Broccolisprouter

    I ordered the broccoli sprout seeds — the 1 kg bag. Despite having never sprouted before, I was successful on my first try and second. I am already on my third week and the results have exceeded my expectations.

  79. Brocoli Lesnar

    Nothing better than fresh sprouts!

  80. NewGuy

    Although I am new to this, I found the broccoli grew quickly, high germination rate, and have shared with others. Feel really good after incorporating sprouts into my diet.

  81. Jonno

    Seeds sprouted with no problems. Customer service was excellent

  82. xyz

    I tried using different approach to sprout these seeds, but they all got mold. Not sure what’s the problem. I’ll continue to try to see if the mold issue will go away…

  83. Pia

    Sprouted after only one day! I watered (rinsed) daily, but the smell was awful. However, after rinsing the end-product” several times – they were eatable!! :-)”

  84. Phil

    The seeds shipped quickly and got to my front door (GTA) within 3-4 days. Instructions were provided with the seeds and the seeds were quick to sprout. I will purchase again when we run out

  85. joeshmoe

    After learning the benefits of sulforaphane, I decided to integrate broccoli sprout in my meals. I used to go to store, spending $3-4 for 60g of sprout. This is simply too expensive.

    Buying seeds pay for itself.

  86. Andy

    These seeds are hard to grow. Only about 1/2 of them ever sprout. They get mouldy very quickly. Haven’t had an easy time with them.

  87. Gumbootgoddess

    I don’t sprout the seeds, I grind them in the same coffee grinder that I use for my flax seed. I sprinkle the ground seed on my soups and salads. I learned from the Dr Rhonda Patrick video that ground seeds contained more sulphorafane than sprouts but had a bitter taste. I don’t find them bitter at all – just very broccolish, if that’s a word.

  88. Skipper

    Mumm’s 1 kg bag of broccoli seeds for sprouting are an excellent value. I recommend Mumm’s broccoli seeds.

  89. Healthy One

    The seeds sprout successfully at a rate of better than 90 – 95 % in my estimation. Sprouting time has been as per instructions and the seeds were sent well packaged and sent very quickly. Sooner than I had expected. I will be ordering more as my friends have taken ‘samples’ to try at home. I have heard very positive responses from them as well. Most of these friends have grown sprouts before so I am encouraged by their positive responses and fortunately for Mum’s my friends were impressed and said they too would be ordering seeds from Mum’s.

  90. Maggie Martin

    Good price. Great germination. Am about to order second time.

  91. Joey Andres

    I had good yield with a variety of growing methods (jar, trays, multi-tiered, …).

  92. Conrad Goulet

    Broccoli sprouts were my first order with Mumm’s and I am simply satisfied with the complete service I received. The fact that I can order with PayPal made this a whole lot easier for me as well. As for the seeds, they were shipped the following day of my purchase and they sprout really well. I gave Mumm’s as a reference to my friends so we’ll be bulk buying more of all their seeds in the near futur!

  93. SlightlyCrunchy

    I discovered Mumm’s when I first moved to Canada 16 years ago. I have purchased a variety of items regularly over the years, and have occasionally purchased seed from other suppliers – it is NEVER worth it! Mumm’s offers quality, customer care when needed, always offer prompt service, and always offer a great variety of seed – both the every day items that I am looking for as well as the more unique options.

  94. Ralph

    Very happy with the broccoli seeds, they sprouted evenly and grew quickly, love munching them raw or in a salad.

  95. Yijinjing

    I have successfully grown many kilograms of broccoli seeds from Mumm’s for microgreens, but the latest lot (B6C) has turned out to be exceptionally challenging to work with. Germination is uneven, resulting in planted trays that easily develop mold later in the growth cycle. Overall production loss is 50% to 75%.

  96. Greenlover

    Having purchased these seeds several times. I am a little bit disappointed in my recent purchase. This time, these seeds are smaller and black color (maybe they are from different species of broccoli ), but they seem really slow to sprout and sprout rates are lower.

  97. Skip

    I love broccoli sprouts they are very nutritious. Mumm’s offers a competitive price on their seeds.

  98. Nancy

    Just grew my first batch and both myself and my husband really enjoyed them, they are favourful and sort of peppery.

  99. Erin

    I have tried to sprout the broccoli seeds 3 times now since receiving them, and have had very poor germination rates in all three tries. I never let the seeds dry out, we rinse 3-4 times a day. The seeds that do germinate, take quite a long time. The time for germination isn’t so much a concern for me… but the lack of germination for half the seeds or more is a really huge frustration, especially considering these seeds were our most expensive purchase.

  100. Mags

    This is our 2nd order of 1 kg of broccoli sprouts. These are small black seeds that take a good 1-2 days longer to sprout and they are smaller sprouts. They look and taste fine. Our first order was obviously a different type — larger, reddish seeds.

  101. WPGPlanter

    I have now grown a few batches of the Mumm’s broccoli seeds and they have been a complete success. it appears that somewhere in the range of 80% of the seeds sprout successfully. As a Canadian resident, the price and delivery is the best deal I have been able to find.

  102. Constance

    The yield on this batch was particularly high, I normally use 30 g per jar and found that 25 g gave me a full jar with this batch. Been using mums broccoli seeds for many years and have never experienced any issues.

  103. Prairie Sprouter

    These are great sprouts and I get about a 90% yield with the warm summer weather. Back in March, I was at around 70% yield, so either the light or heat has boosted my yields. I’m using a large mason jar. Each day during rinse, I rotate the jar and try to get seeds to stick to the sides so the most light reaches each seed. That works for the first couple of days / until they grow so much that the sprout roots start to entwine another. I’ve read some reviews that talk about mold, but I’m pretty sure that’s the micro-roots from the sprouts. They can appear fuzzy, but that’s just because they are ultra small. I’ve never had an issue with mold, but I do clean and sanitize my jar and lid between batches. Will definitely purchase more, once I’m through this kilo. Works great in smoothy and salads.

  104. S.P.Router

    Having tried these in the past and really liking them, I then went with a cheaper supplier and was disappointed. Just started my third batch of Mumm’s broccoli sprouts and I can honestly say these babies are great. They grow a bit slow but they taste great and you don’t get hundreds of dud seeds in the bottom of your sprouter.

  105. Brenda

    Sprouted easily, I love to use them in salads and sandwiches. Please keep up the quality

  106. Merlin

    These sprouts seem to be much slower growing and do not green up as much as usual. Slightly milder flavor.

  107. Veggielover

    I ordered years ago broccoli seeds and decided this year to do it again. Service was and still is excellent!

  108. Old Customer

    Our latest purchase is of the newer variaty (darker color than the previous seeds which are brown).
    These seeds are slow to germinate, grow slowly with smaller sprouts, and rot quickly if left for more than 3 days. I will not purchase this variaty again.

    Please bring back the old variaty. I have been purchasing them for more than 3 years and never had problems.

  109. Anna

    I have a 3-tray sprouter and have done a few batches with these seeds. Very happy with the results. Looks like almost all of the seeds sprout. And the sprouts are good and crispy broccoli sprouts.

  110. Calgary Health Nut

    Takes 5-6 days to get a very heavy ‘crop’ of sprouts.

  111. Thomas

    This is my third batch of seeds purchased. The last two were excellent. Unfortunately, this batch is from a different location and not nearly as high quality. They take longer to sprout and don’t look or taste as crisp. Just Ok, may look for a different supplier next time.

  112. Nancy

    Great product; very easy to grow and the health benefits are incredible; would highly recommend to anyone

  113. Joe001

    I was hoping to have a high sprout rate with these after some older seeds from the Broccoli mix never sprouted. I would guess that I am getting around 70% sprouted which seems low for a fresh batch.

  114. Happysprouter

    This 1kg bag of broccoli seeds is awesome! Much better than the last batch 🙂

  115. Buzz

    I love them…I am fighting breast cancer and have had to eat large amounts…good thing they taste great.

  116. Bruce

    Easy to order through the web site. Prompt delivery and the sprouting has been successful. Happy with the purchase.

  117. Brian Traxler

    Growing broccoli microgreens for the health saving Sulforaphane. These seeds are unbelievable! Sprouting showed within 18 hours! Delivery was also pleasantly fast!

  118. sad customer

    I just ordered few weeks ago. I found out that some of seeds seem really slow to sprout . I have had to throw out some batches because they have gone mouldy before being a size I can harvest.

  119. Marie Lebel

    I purchased a ‘1 Kg’ of the organic broccoli seeds. Upon my first ‘sprouting session’, at least 95% of the seeds sprouted and they are tastier and sweeter than any sprouted broccoli seeds I have ever tasted. Will be sharing!! VERY PLEASED!

  120. GMrieB

    Although stronger tasting than Kale, it works well in salads and smoothies.

  121. Laura

    I found it very easy to take care of broccoli sprouts. Just make sure to drain well. I strongly suggest the use of a sprouter tray.

  122. mishy

    Been making my own broccoli and alfalfa sprouts for over a year and very happy with the results. Seeds are delicious! Will always buy from Mumms Sprouts

  123. Sprout Happy

    We are using Mumm’s brocolli seeds for sprouting. We have had very good success with this product: extremely high germination rate. No matter how big the batch we make, the sprouts are gone in a day as the three members of our family eat them quickly – either on their own or in salads or with sandwiches. A very delicious sprout!

  124. Jason

    Fast shipping, sprouts great, I will buy from them again.

  125. Kimberly

    I found these sprouts very easy to grow and they taste awesome! I will include them in my diet everyday

  126. Penelope

    Tasty. Really enjoying them.

  127. Witty Peasant

    Easy to grow as a microgreen and tasty in a salad!

  128. Anna

    Have ordered a few 1kg batches so far. Very satisfied. I sprout them and make a smoothy with spinach and sometimes celery.

  129. Ari

    these reddish seeds I got this time around, seem way better than the much darker ones that arrived last time. More tasteful, sprout fast and fuller – far superior all-around.

  130. Dinahle

    I have been sprouting these seeds for several yrs now as well as supplying family and friends to do the same for a healthier diet…. I also dehydrate the sprouts then grind into a powder and sprinkle over yogurt etc…..

  131. Sandra Linsley

    Seeds are excellent. Sprout every time. Really pleased with results.

  132. James

    I tried several times to sprout the seeds and got nothing even though I followed the exact directions.

  133. Matter_of_fact

    Great quality–sprouts easily (takes 5 days to be ready to eat). I have made repeated orders; delivery has been prompt. We use the sprouts in salads and smoothies, but also have them as sides with omelettes.

  134. Gabby

    First time sprouting broccoli. Grew wonderfully and within expected time. Very satisfied with this product and with Mumm’s timely delivery.

  135. Qudsia

    I had tried a couple of other broccoli sprouting seed purchased on amazon but these seeds were by far the best. All of the seed sprouted, unlike some other brands I had used. My order arrived in good condition with a little thank you note which was sweet. We should all support our local farmers. Thank you Mumm’s family for all that you do

  136. KittyKat

    I rodered these seeds because they were way cheaper than at my local health food store (almost half price!). I received my order quickly. They are high quality and have a high germination rate. Will continue to order them here!

  137. DaveEats BroccoliSprouts

    Just jumped onto the Sulforaphane bandwagon. Followed directions, which for the initial soak, recommends 2-3 hours instead of the 8 hours that many online sources state – seems to work, so I’m doing that, less waiting anyways. Also, because I’m worried about the stagnant water leading to bacterial biofilm in the sprouts I tend to rinse as much as 6 times a day. By day 4-5 they are ready to put by the window to make them green up. Then I refrigerate the whole lot and consume either raw, or steeping them in hot water for 10 minutes, then making into a smoothie, as shown in Rhonda Patrick’s video, except I reuse the water instead of discarding, as I see the water is greenish and might contain valuable ingredients. Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys what works for me, as I think many people might be blaming seeds for poor results when I might be incorrect sprouting practices. About my next purchase: can get the same price ordering 5 x 1kg bags as 1 x 5kg bag?

  138. Ryan

    Mumm’s has been very responsive to my questions on Facebook. The product is well packaged in resealable bags to keep moisture out. Please don’t change anything. You have a great product and awesome customer service. Thank you.

  139. lucy

    easy to use,bought a kit and broccoli seeds for my neighbor as a thank you; the delivery issuper fast and very affordale

  140. mariana

    thank you for delivering great customer service and good product(broccoli seeds)

  141. Ugrowgirl

    PROS – the appearance, the taste, the ease of cultivation, the health benefits, etc etc
    I love broccoli spouts and have grown then regularly for 9 years! They are the a great source of fresh vegetables all winter long, and they provide a certain comfort during the darkest days to see the little plants glowing in a jar on my counter. Say thank you and praise them for their radiance. 🙂
    I find these seeds should be soaked for a shorter time (even when mixed with clover I reduce the soaking time by a few hours – still works great) and drained thoroughly. After a few days, I put them in a bowl of water to rinse off all the old hulls before I drain them for a few hours and put them in the fridge. They are awesome on a rye cracker with nut butter.
    Highly recommend Mumms seeds – they are clean and sprout reliably.

  142. vivian

    The seeds are very easy to sprout, is was first time i purchase from mumms and i love it, will purchase again.

  143. Min

    this was our first time planting these and they were very simple to plant and very healthy. They were also able to sprout faster than we imagined and we would definitely but it again.

  144. WendyS

    I’ve been buying these sprouts for a few years and always pleased with the results.

  145. Deedee

    This company was significantly cheaper than most, while free shipping made an extra large savings on top!! Arrived quickly, these sprouts are sprouting perfectly so far. Great price, fantastic service, and Canadian! Triple threat lol.

  146. healtheater

    I bought your broccoli seeds several times. Before the seeds are larger than this batch and very easy to grow. But these seeds from Italy grow so slow and get bad easily. They are okay if you give them extra care.


    Excellent sprouts!!! I’ve bought before from other companies and they were horrible. These sprouts turned out the best ever – likely 80% sprouted.

  148. Another Urban Farmer

    Broccoli seeds are easy to sprout , so nutritious and great to mix with other seeds such as radish for an extra bite. I have given a small starter bag of seeds and a green plastic mason jar with mesh insert to a number of friends who have expressed an interest and to my niece and her young family as they are into nutrition and it’s a good thing to teach the kids how to do. I put them into my husband’s sandwiches and for me into a smoothie or roll them in rice paper wraps with basil, coriander and mint and dip in toasted sesame dressing…delicious!

  149. Discouraged

    I have been sprouting Mumm’s broccoli seeds for a while now and decided to buy a kg bag instead of the smaller 100 g bags. I have tried two batches so far with the seeds in the kg bag and am disappointed with the speed and yields. They have been slow to sprout and they produce 2/3 the normal amount compared to the seeds I got in the smaller bags.

  150. DeeJo

    More than 80% of the broccoli seeds were total duds – only a very small percentage actually sprouted. Will not purchase them again. Have been sprouting for many years & have never had this issue. However, had great success with the mixes purchased along with these and will order again – just NOT the broccoli or broccoli blends.

  151. ZJ

    They are great! Love Mums products

  152. Thomas

    This is my third order of a 1kg bag. I keep 4 jars on rotation for a daily supply to eat with my salad. They reliably sprout and the taste is similar to other broccoli sprouts I’ve used. Good price and product does what it should.

  153. Christian Robinson

    I have had perfect results using these seeds. I follow the instructions for soaking and rinse them 3 to 4 times a day and get a great jar of sprouts every time. I eat them alone or as a lettuce substitute on bread.

  154. JD sprouts

    Previously was able to order a Broccoli sprout batch type that was product of the USA. These seeds were bigger than this current batch from Italy, and generally lead to a better, larger, easier to grow, sprout. This smaller seeds also get stuck in lid filter. So unfortunately these seeds which I previous deemed the best of the 4 brands I tried are now just above average based on a very competitive price. But please…get more of the larger USA seeds.

  155. Anna U.

    I love these broccoli seeds: they sprout very nicely and grow into super tasty and healthy micro-greens. It took me about 2 or 3 batches to figure out how to sprout the broccoli seeds correctly and what works for me and in my home and conditions: i do not soak the seeds but put them on the sprouting tray dry and un-soaked and keep on spraying them with water as needed. the sprouts grow fast and there’s no mold and they do not rot, and they taste exquisitely.

  156. Claire

    I eat these on toast with a poached egg for breakfast. This was my first time trying out sprouting and everything worked as advertised. After 5 days I had a jar full of tasty sprouts – I am very happy with the product.

  157. bfulton71

    This batch of broccoli sprouts seemed to be almost 100% sprouting. Great product.

  158. Jakob

    We like to add these in the salad.

  159. Renee

    We’ve been buying these from Mumm’s for years and as always, they are fantastic!

  160. Diannamite

    These seeds pale in comparison to the broccoli seeds for the USA. For 2 tablespoons in a quart sealer I get 1/2 the sprouts or less. Very disappointing.

  161. Lionel

    Livraison rapide bonne valeur, faites vos provisions ici!

  162. Jason m

    Fast shipping, great germination rate, I soak 3 tablespoons of broccoli seed for 2 hours in a 2litre Mason jar equipped with the easy sprouting lids I purchased on this site, drain after the 2 hours then rinse and drain before and after work each day and 3 days after I’ve got fresh sprouts that last weeks, I know this because I left my first batch to see just how long they would last in comparison to store bought sprouts and they lasted 2.5 weeks before showing signs of rot. Very happy with my purchase of broccoli seed and easy sprout plastic lids for Mason jars which i use without the need of the stands, just rinse, shake and drain.

  163. BeanieBarb

    The seeds seem very fresh – easy to sprout, and no ‘duds’. Taste great. Will definitely buy again.

  164. Dave

    So far the seeds have worked great and produce wonderful sprouts that I am regularly adding to my diet. AI bought the sprouting jar as well which nicely compliments the growing. It helped when I was able to grow them on a bit of an angle as recommended in the instructions. I look forward to be able to grow them as nice as the ones on the web page and for now the one I am producing are wonderful. Thanks

  165. sprout girl

    I am a repeat customer for the broccoli seed. Love sprouting and have had excellent results with these seeds. They sprout quickly , taste fabulous , and we use them in salads, wraps, omelettes , instead of noodles in soups and graze on them whenever we feel like something alive and fresh. What we love best is that they are so tasty and so very healthy. I will not hesitate to order them again .

  166. Wayne

    Once again, a superior product packaged well, as advertised, and delivered on time

  167. Blue Heron Farm

    So far great germination. Takes a few days more than other brassicas to develop but look great!

  168. Patr

    I have used Mumm`s seeds for almost 20 years and absolutely LOVE them. I can`t get over the quality and viability of them. My last purchase of these seeds were still 70% viable at 9 years old! I highly recommend Mumm`s seeds to anyone who values quality in a food item.

  169. Spring

    I am very impressed with the quality of the broccoli seeds I ordered. They all germinated and produced good sprouts. My order was processed and received in good time.

  170. Kathy

    I have been very happy with sprouting these broccoli seeds. They sprouted quickly and there were very few seeds that didn’t sprout. I will definitely buy from this source again.

  171. The Professional Grower

    We love the broccoli from Mumm’s. Dependable seed; clean, no surprises, and consistent, trackable results everytime.

  172. Jung

    sprouts are working as intended!
    Most generously priced seeds I have found in the market!

  173. Diannamite

    Over all I have been disappointed with these sprouts. Slow to sprout and have seemed to go bad much more easily.

  174. Novalis

    I have been sprouting this product for 2 years and have never had any issues with it. The taste is pleasant. I have to consume large amounts of broccoli sprouts every day, so I prefer them in a smoothie, but they also make a great sandwich filler and salad topper. The only problem I have had is finding the product in local stores. So now I order from the farm directly. The free shipping on larger orders is great!

  175. Novalis

    I have been using this brand of broccoli seeds for about 2 1/2 years now and have never experienced any problems with it. The seeds are clean and always sprout without any waste. I eat about 2 cups per day, using it as one tool in my breast cancer healing protocol. After having a hard time finding it in stores I resorted to directly ordering it from the grower. I am impressed with the service and the speedy delivery. The price point in the larger amount is excellent and shipping free. Highly recommended!

  176. Sprout lover

    Second time I’ve ordered broccoli sprouts online. I love the seeds, easy to sprout and so good to eat. I love knowing that I’m eating something so good for my health. Customer service is excellent.

  177. Olivia

    Broccoli sprouts are easy to grow. I use 750 ml mason jars from Canadian Tire, and green and blue plastic lids, with holes in them, from All the sprouts have health benefits, but I think broccoli sprouts have the most. Makes a salad even tastier.

  178. Helen

    Broccolli is very easy to spout and it is easy to take out the hull. Good flavor. I just find it is hard to keep them in fridge even drain off the water. Sprout still feels wet when kept in fridge. If finish eating them in 3 or 4 day, no problem, but if keep it longer, just not like Alfalfa or red clover, they started to get slightly unhealthy color. Over all, it is a good product. Like it.

  179. Duncan

    Went with 4 tablespoon in 2 liter mason jar. Sprouts filled the jar with 80-90% sprouting rate. I know products are Organic but still would be nice to know country of Origin if not Canada prior to purchase.( I believe it to be an industry non requirement as others also don’t reference origin)

  180. Canada-Kate

    These grow quickly and without any problems. I use them in salads, garnish on soups and sneak them into stir-frys. They’re a mild sprout.

  181. BG

    These sprout very well (much better than the brand I was purchasing before from a specialty grocery store), especially when using the Easy Sprout Sprouter, which I also purchased from Mumms. I freeze them and add them to smoothies.

  182. JmJ

    Fast and easy to sprout, taste good. I use them in sandwiches.

  183. Geraldine

    How nice to have such fresh and nutritious veggies, grown so easily at home! No problem growing these – beautiful and the taste doesn’t ruin my smoothies.

  184. Roch Lapointe

    I’m on my third crop already and it just gets better and better. I’ve looked at various sources on how to grow it and took the best of all of them and developed my own technique. Very pleased with the results. Delivery was fast

  185. Peter

    I jar sprout. These seeds are easy to use and very consistent as they produce delicious sprouts every time. Salads, sandwiches or nibbling in front of the TV… perfect..!!!

  186. Susan

    This was my second order of broccoli seeds from Mumm’s. Again, very pleased with the speed of receiving my order. I was surprised by the noticeably smaller size of seeds, however, they sprouted to same maturity as previous seeds, so I am very satisfied.

  187. Gman

    I’ve purchsed from muums in the last and have had good success growing broccoli sprouts but for some reason this time the sprouts did not grow as big as usual and they did not taste as they normally do. Just to be sure it wasn’t something I was doing I grew two batches, one with muums seeds and one with seeds I had bought off another retailer. The muums sprouts were about have the size of the other brand and taste pretty bad in comparison with the other sprouts.

  188. Barry Egerton

    I have found a great way to cure mouldy sprouting problems. After sprouting successfully for many years I find that sometimes for some unknown reason a batch can be ruined by mould. My fix is to pour a bit of my home made kefir in with the soaking seeds and the various elements of the kefir culture act as an active mould and fungus killer that stays on the sprouts, and they also seem to grow more vigorously as well..

  189. CC

    I have tried other brands from Amazon with no luck. Return the products twice. Almost want to give up. I was fortunate to find Mumm’s Sprouts…. I have successfully spouting 3 batches of Broccoli sprouts now. Will order soon.

  190. Health-is-Wealth

    I am a newbie at sprouting so I have nothing to compare to. I was quite delighted with the whole process: purchase, shipment and the whole sprouting technique. I have finished one batch so far which I am satisfied with. There were several seeds that did not germinate but I believe they may have dried out between rinsing. In any case I felt the yield was acceptable and will purchase these again.

  191. Susan Davidson

    Was watching (Grow your Health ) from Fisherville Ontario and she was doing a video about sprouting broccoli seeds and explained how healthy they are for us .She showed us the bag and that she buys them from Mumm’s Sprouting . So i ordered a 100g pack and fell in love . And just ordered a 1kg bag

  192. June

    Excellent product. Packed with vitamines.

  193. JBMAbbo

    Sprouts really well; My wife and eat everyday large amounts of sprouts and micro greens and I love Mumm’s seeds. They are great!

  194. John Otvos

    Excellent germination for the #2 best anti-inflammatory cancer fighter there is only after fresh garlic.

  195. Diannamite

    I have hap problems with this product not sprouting well in the past. My last batch has been doing much better and have been happy with the results.

  196. Daniel

    as order prompt delivery, sprout and taste great

  197. Brenda


  198. Nicolet

    They sprout well and taste great

  199. Nancy Durant

    I have been buying this product for several years and I love it. One of the best foods you can put in your body. Easy to grow; keeps several days in the fridge. Well priced, great service, keep up the great work.

  200. Michael

    These are an excellent addition to my preparedness goals.
    Real food, home grown.

  201. Dusty & Pizza

    We are very pleased with this product. Followed the instructions and within five days we had a mason jar full of beautiful sprouts. We love to put them on our salads, Burgers, sandwiches and sometimes Just on their own. Very tasty and very nutritious for you.

  202. Clo

    These sprouts were recommended to me by my natural path doctor for my smoothies and juicing.I also use them in salads. I hardly use lettuce anymore, just sprouts and other vegetables. These sprouts have a very good flavor.

  203. Natural High

    I have ordered these broccoli seeds many times and have never been disappointed. I soak the seeds for 7-8 hours, wash them twice a day, and keep them covered with a tea towel until day 4 or 5 when the seedlings are exposed to light for several hours. Best germination this way! Will last at least a week in refrigerator.

  204. Ann

    I love growing broccoli micro greens — with COVID-19 this is the safest healthiest way to have fresh greens at home — and so easy and fast too! They’re great in salads, as a side and in a sandwich!

  205. SproutGirl

    Broccoli sprouts is definitely the OG in our household + I love how it tastes + how easy it germinates + how quickly it sprouts. I love it on anything I can think of + I actually give some to my dog too! This is something I will order time and time again because it tastes good + seriously good for you!

  206. Bram Roelants


    Molding over and over massive waist of money I can grow in the same conditions same dirt same everything and Mums Seeds mold and Tealeaf market at perfect I’m so disappointed Ill only import broccoli from now on

    • lisam

      Hi Bram,
      I’m so sorry that the broccoli didn’t grow well for you. Our quality department will be in touch to troubleshoot the issue with you, if you’d like.
      Warm regards,
      Lisa Mumm

  207. 10922749 Canada Ltd

    Great quality high germination rate as always

    We have been a business client for at least 4 years and have used many of their microgreen seeds for our local indoor microgreens farm.The quality of their seeds is great. The Broccoli seeds for one have never ever disappointed us. They germinate well each and every time! We’re grateful to have a great seed vendor available in Canada. We believe it’s great to support local businesses and the environment at the same time. Thanks you, we grately appreciate you!

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  208. wunderjj


    Excellent product! High yield and tastes great

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    Healthy Lifestyle
  209. Mary

    Delicious & easy

    OMG…these organic broccoli sprouts are fantastic. Love them and will continue to order these and others from Mumm’s. Big time YUM on other sprouts as well.

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    None at all!
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