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171 Customer reviews



Alfalfa is an easy, fun sprout with a fresh flavor!

  • Days to Sprout: 5 Days
  • Soak Time: 4-12 hours
  • Yield: Yield 1 tbsp. dry seed yields 1.5-2 cups of sprouts
  • Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer they’ll last even longer!

Sprouting Directions

Soak: Put 1-2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 4-12 hours. Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting or draining rack, or in a bowl or drain rack.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain well.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in 5 days. Refrigerate to store. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry. If you need to store immediately after rinsing, spin dry first.)

Soak: Put 1-2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 4-12 hours. Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting or draining rack, or in a bowl or drain rack.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain well.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in 5 days. Refrigerate to store. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry. If you need to store immediately after rinsing, spin dry first.)

Helpful tips:

• Some sprouts tend to clump together as they grow. To separate, fill the jar with water, remove the screen and stir gently with a fork during the regular rinse. Remove hulls if desired. Drain well as usual.

• The drier they are the better sprouts keep. Be sure to let sprouts grow another half day after the final sorting rinse before storing in the fridge. Optional: put folded paper towel on top of the sprouts in the jar. Put lid on and refrigerate turned upside down. This removes excess moisture.

• If your home is very warm during the summer months, it may help to rinse the sprouts three times a day with cold water. Stir gently if clumping.

• To remove the hulls and unsprouted seeds from leafy sprouts, use a special sorting rinse. Pull sprouts out of the jar into a large bowl filled with water. Swish gently using fingers to separate the tangled roots. Most hulls will separate and rise or sink. Discard the hulls. Collect the sprouts back to the jar with or without aid of a strainer. Return the sprouting closure and drain so you can continue for half a day more of sprouting.

• Some brassicas (cabbage family) like radish and broccoli develop very fuzzy root hairs the longer you leave them undisturbed and these can be mistaken for mould. You will even see these after a few days of storage in the fridge. Stirring and rinsing removes the root hairs for a time.

Easy Sprouter

Alfalfa as a full grown plant has one of the highest nutritional value among all foraging crops. Good for you and your cows!

Studies on canavanine, an amino acid analog in alfalfa, has demonstrated benefit for pancreatic colon and leukemia cancers. Plant estrogens are also abundant in sprouts. They increase bone formation and density and prevent bone breakdown or osteoporosis. They are also helpful in controlling hot flashes, menopause, PMS and fibrocystic breasts tumors. Alfalfa sprouts are one of our finest food sources of another compound, saponins. Saponins lower the bad cholesterol and fat but not the good HDL fats .Animal studies prove their benefit in arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Saponins also stimulate the immune system by increasing the activity of natural killer cells such as T- lymphocytes and interferon. The saponin content of alfalfa sprouts multiplies 450 per cent over that of the unsprouted seed. ”The Times of India17 Aug 2007Health Benefits of Sprouts(

“Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring plant-derived phytochemicals whose common biological roles are to protect plants from stress or to act as part of a plant's defense mechanism. Although composed of a wide group of nonsteroidal compounds of diverse structure phytoestrogens have been shown to bind estrogen receptors and to behave as weak agonist/antagonist in both animals and humans. Phytoestrogens include mainly isoflavones (IF) coumestans and lignans. These compounds are known to be present in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains commonly consumed by humans. IF are found in legumes–mainly soybeans–whereas flaxseed is a major source of lignans and coumestans are significantly present in clover, alfalfa, and soybean sprouts. 8-Prenyl flavonoids are common in vegetables. Bioavailability of IF requires an initial hydrolysis of the sugar moiety by intestinal beta-glucosidases to allow the following uptake by enterocytes and the flow through the peripheral circulation. Following absorption, IF are then reconjugated mainly to glucuronic acid and to a lesser degree to sulphuric acid. Gut metabolism seems key to the determination of the potency of action. Several epidemiological studies correlated high dose consumptions of soy IF with multiple beneficial effects on breast and prostate cancers, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and stroke, and neurodegeneration. For the relief of menopausal symptoms a consumption of 60 mg aglycones/day has been suggested; for cancer prevention a consumption between 50 and 110 mg aglycones/day is considered beneficial to reduce risks of breast, colon and prostate cancer; to decrease cardiovascular risk a minimum intake of 40-60 mg aglycones/day, together with about 25 g of soy protein has been suggested. For improvement in bone mineral density, 60-100 mg aglycones/day for a period of at least 6-12 months could be beneficial.” Forum Nutr. 2005;(57):100-11.Health effects of phytoestrogens. Branca F, Lorenzetti S.

“Studies in humans, animals and cell culture systems suggest that dietary phytoestrogens play an important role in prevention of menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Broadly defined, phytoestrogens include isoflavones, coumestans, and lignans. Alfalfa sprouts, soybeans, clover and oilseeds (such as flaxseed) are the most significant dietary sources of isoflavones, coumestans, and lignans, respectively. A number of these compounds have been identified in fruits, vegetables and whole grains commonly consumed by humans. Proposed mechanisms include estrogenic and antiestrogenic effects, induction of cancer cell differentiation, inhibition of tyrosine kinase and DNA topoisomerase activities, suppression of angiogenesis, and antioxidant effects. Although there currently are no dietary recommendations for individual phytoestrogens, there may be great benefit in increased consumption of plant foods; especially sprouts such as Alfalfa, Clover and Soybean, and flaxseed.” A News Extract from the Annual Review of Nutrition, 17:353-381 1997, DIETARY PHYTOESTROGENS By Kurtzer MS, Xu X

“The folacin content of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and mung bean (Vigna radiata) sprouts was determined by Lactobacillus casei. Several variations of extraction procedures were tested. The optimum conditions for extraction were autoclaving mung bean and alfalfa sprouts in phosphate buffer containing 0.3% and 0.4% ascorbate, respectively, before homogenisation in a blender. The optimum blending time for folacin extraction was 120s for mung bean and 15s for alfalfa sprouts. Folacin content on dry weight basis increased several times in both types of sprouts during germination. Mature alfalfa and mung bean sprouts were found to contain 186 and 178 g folacin per 100 g fresh weight, respectively.” Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture Volume 36, Issue 11, Date: November 1985, Pages: 1155-1160.  Folacin content of alfalfa and mung bean sprouts: The effect of extraction procedures and maturity Marilyn F. Magaram, Cynthia L. Stotts, Tung-Shan Chen, Christine H. Smith, Arlene J. Kirsch.  

“Since alfalfa meal prevents hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis in rabbits and alfalfa saponins prevent the expected rise in cholesterolemia induced by dietary cholesterol in monkeys, the experiments being reported here were performed to determine whether alfalfa saponins affect atherogenesis in rabbits. In addition, the effects of alfalfa seeds were studied. Cholesterol-fed rabbits were randomly assigned to 3 groups: (a) control animals (N = 18); (b) animals maintained on a diet containing 1.0 to 1.2% alfalfa saponins (N = 18); and (c) animals maintained on a diet containing 40% alfalfa seeds (N = 17). Results after a 4-month observation period demonstrated that alfalfa saponins and alfalfa seeds reduce hypercholesterolemia, aortic sudanophilia, and the concentration of cholesterol in aortic intima-plus-media and in the liver, but do not induce changes in the hematocrit. ”Atherosclerosis. 1980 Nov;37(3):433-8.  Alfalfa saponins and alfalfa seeds. Dietary effects in cholesterol-fed rabbits. Malinow MR, McLaughlin P, Stafford C, Livingston AL, Kohler GO.

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171 Customer reviews
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  1. Kim

    I make these Alfalfa sprouts about every 3 days so that I can have fresh sprouts all the time in my fridge & these sprouts are the best – so easy to get going & tasty!

  2. Michael

    Fast delivery, great price, excellent seeds.

  3. Lulu

    Alfalfa sprouts were my first home-sprouted micro greens, are fast and easy. I use them mainly in sandwiches, especially in winter when imported greens are expensive

  4. A. E.

    These seeds grew quickly and the sprouts are tasty. I would buy them again.

  5. Newbie

    Love these sprouts. Great tasting and so easy to get to sprout. I started two mason jars a few days apart so I have continous sprouts to eat. Love it!!!

  6. Big Jim

    These are so easy to grow and taste great

  7. Heartcenter01

    Good percentage of live seeds. Easy to grow. Abundant, vigorous sprouts.

  8. Andrea

    The sprouts I have used from Mumm’s have been nice and tasty. Upon receiving the product through mail, one of the pouches opened up and sprouts were all over the box. Maybe if they were packed into another ziplock I could have salvaged the seeds. Product is great.

  9. Sasklawitch

    Alfalfa sprouts are a winter staple. In order to add fresh greens to our diet, we like to grow our own sprouts to add to sandwiches and grated carrot and beet salads.

  10. Patti

    All of the sprouting seeds I have purchased at Mumm’s have sprouted; no dead seeds that won’t sprout. Really appreciate good quality, and this is it. I combine several different sprouts to make an all-sprout salad. Love it.

  11. Shera

    so easy to grow, quick and yummy. this is my favourite of all the sprouts I’ve tried

  12. Barrettgirl11

    We love alpha sprouts , they are our favourite, these seed sprout quickly, they all germinate, they are fresh , green , and very delicious , awesome on sandwiches, in smoothies, and in salads , order and enjoy !

  13. fiddler

    Sprouting well…can’t say much more than that…they are good seeds

  14. 阿亚


  15. Susan Davidson

    First time ordering the alfalfa sprouting seeds and wont be my last .So yummy

  16. Linda

    C’est merveilleux ! J’ai renoué avec la germination et j’adore. C’est tellement bon et santé !

  17. Andrewjc83

    Very easy to use, I always have a mason jar next to my sink and therefore

  18. Pin

    Was easy to grow. Great taste. Used it in salads and sandwiches.

  19. Food Lover

    If you like salad and to grow your own microgreens, please go for these product.

  20. Marta

    Sprouts tasting amazing, easy to grow, wish there were more Canadian grown seeds on this side, but very happy with alfalfa

  21. Tintorette

    Salads liven up with alfalfa. Light and delicious

  22. Lulu

    Alfalfa is my first foray into sprouting seeds and remain one of my favourite replacements for lettuce in sandwiches in winter & early spring until the first spring greens arrive at the local farmers’ market.

    They sprout easily and in 4-5 days are in my fridge ready to go. I never bother to rinse out the seed hulls, but they must be well-drained to store. I use a screened top on a preserving jar To sprout them and now use the same to store them in the fridge as they are best kept ventilated.

  23. Cat Wilson

    Buckwheat sprouts have a mucilaginous feel, which helps to soothe inflamed intestines. I grow mine in soil, in the trays I bought from Mumm’s. Fast-growing and delish! I eat them every day over veggie burgers and carrot dogs (hot dogs made with carrots). MIld tasting, they are also great in salads and a handful added to smoothies provides nutrition without compromising on taste! Going to try growing them hydroponically this year on Mumm’s baby blanket and with kelp solution for added minerals.

  24. Cat Wilson

    Alfalfa sprouts are rather commonly known— I can buy them at my local supermarket. They aren’t advertised as organic, although there is a well-known company that grows them. Yet why buy when you can grow them yourself! Cheaply and very easily. I use an old fish tank to grow my sprouts, which makes enough to last a week for 1-2 people. It’s really not hard to soak the seeds overnight, and then fill up the tank with water each day. They grow fast and within 3-4 days, they are ready to eat. I fill a really large bowl up with water and the seeds float to the top while the sprouts stay under the water. That’s the most tedious part, but many seeds are so small they stick to the sprouts. The seeds don’t affect the taste at all, and they are lovely as toppings on burgers, dogs or in salads. Also great lightly sauteed and then added to sauteed or cooked veggies.

  25. TMConnors

    The Alfalfa seeds are the easiest to sprout, with a fast turn around.

  26. DaleE Planette

    I’d started growing sprouts from a large seed house but the pouches only made enough sprouts for a couple weeks. Then couldn’t buy any more! I needed fresh greens of some kind during the pandemic and didn’t really trust commercial growers at first. Found Mumm’s by chance and tho I had to buy a couple pounds of alfalfa to save on shipping, I am very happy with the purchase and yhe whole experience. They are so easy to sprout and grow and are so tasty on sandwiches and salads! I only wish my whole garden grew this well! Thanks

  27. Albertan

    Love its mild refreshing taste.

  28. Monique

    My husband and I really enjoy the sprouts. They are super easy to grow and are ready to eat in only 5 days. We put them on sandwiches and salads and we’ll even eat them on their own. They are delicious! Very happy with the product and will definitely order again.

  29. Isabelle

    This is my first purchase with Mumm’s but not my first purchase of Alfalfa. The sprout were quick to grow and so tasty! I eat those everyday in my salad.

  30. evey

    Very good service and a tasty product at a good price. I will be again buying alfalfa seeds again.

  31. betterdoitright

    I have been sprouting my own for a few years now since the commercial sprouts sold in stores seems to have frequent recalls due to salmonella contamination. I love the convenience, and it takes only a few days to start sprouting so you can control the supply in your own home and never run out.

  32. Camper

    Our daughter purchased a variety of seeds from you as a gift for her Dad. We spent the winter sprouting and sharing our produce at dinner parties

  33. sproutlover

    Used to buy this product from a local health food store, happy to be able to connect with the Mumm’s business directly and to be able to buy the quantities I prefer! Always a quality product.

  34. Janette

    I recently made my first order with Mom’s and I’m very happy I did. Service was quick and the free shipping offer was a bonus. I will re-order in future.

  35. ASprout

    These grew super fast and were tasty

  36. sper

    Easy to sprout and delicious. I am very happy with the product and the excellent customer service. This was my second order with Mumm’s and I will continue to order from them in the future.

  37. glitchless

    These sprouts were a second choice because the clover was out of stock. The seeds are smaller as are the spouts. Not really a problem, but they never seem to shed the husk after many days of being sprouted. They taste fine, but I like the look of the little leaves unbound by the brown husk.

  38. Rosco

    Looking forward to sproutin’ . Had to pay big buck recently at a market to someone sprouting and selling in small container. So very economical and fun growing my own.

  39. Ferment4Life

    I’ve been growing alfalfa for over 40 years. I didn’t know back then that I could sprout almost any seed, bean or nut. I now sprout a large variety.
    Sprouting your own gives you a far superior product, healthwise and it’ll be the freshest veggie you can eat (especially in winter) in addition to those grown in your garden.
    I not only add them to salads. I also just eat a handful as a snack.

  40. MyFiona

    Alfalfa sprouts are a family favourite. We have them on sandwiches and in salads, and they are often on the supper plate too. We sprout them on their own, but often sprout in a mixture with seeds like chive, clover, or cress.
    We use sproutmasters and there is a problem with some alfalfa seeds falling through the holes even after a 24 hour soak. If you add 1/2 tsp of mucilaginous seeds like cress you won’t lose as many alfalfa seeds.

  41. Edgar Alvarado

    After being use this product, I have got wonderful results in my health, I will still using it since my aim is to keep my health in optima condition.

  42. grateful

    I cannot make enough sprouts from the alfalfa and red clover seeds which we purchased, thank you thank you

  43. Hollyhock

    I have been using these for 3 years, and find them to be excellent tasting, fresh. Seed has excellent germination, very clean. I use them mainly for salads and sandwiches. For anyone starting, this is the sprout for you.

  44. SproutMaster

    Excellent value here and they sprout perfectly. Shipping was free for me in NS, and they arrived quickly and safely packaged. This is so much better value than buying the locally. Thank you!! And the free shipping was AWESOME and much appreciated. 100% recommended.

  45. Attakat

    dependable and easy to grow

  46. Greg

    What a Great value compared to the expensive health food stores. Nicely packaged. Nice clean

  47. George

    Excellent and rapid germination . Very tasty . Excellent customer service

  48. Holland

    Love these! I bought 1 kg for the same price as 4 small pre grown boxes at the grocery store. I keep them in fridge and take out a tablespoon at a time to grow my own sprouts. They taste delicious and are so easy to grow!

  49. Dawn

    These sprouts begin shortly after 1 day and are usually ready in 3 days. I love to have a steady supply. I am using an old pickle jar with cheesecloth.

  50. Mom2

    excellent sprouts easily and the spouts are delicious

  51. Annie

    This is our first experience with these and we are loving it. They are so fresh and tasty when you grow them yourself. I’ll never buy them in the grocery store again.

  52. Sandwich avcado + alfalfa

    Easy to sprout , crunchy and tastes good

  53. Marie

    Alfalfa taste really good and so easy and really fast growing…even my 4 years old eat a whole bowl by herself!!

  54. Claire Light

    I’ve been sprouting seeds for years and would not consider any other supplier than Mumm’s. Excellent seeds, fast and courteous service. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Mumm’s.

  55. Rockhound

    Grows fast 3-4 days, very tasty, let sit in the sun a few hours to green them up.

  56. really easily and quickly sprout.”

    Very easy and fast to sprout. After 4-5 days I add sprouts to salads. Especially I love sandwiches with avocado pasta and a thick layer of Alfalfa sprouts.
    Highly recommend Mumm’s seeds. They alive”

  57. Above average

    Alfalfa from Mumm’s is excellent. I sometimes use it in the salads but mostly eat it right out of the jar.

  58. MEBJHB

    I’ve ordered these alfalfa seeds several times now. The service after my order has been excellent, and the seeds have done well. I will continue to order them as needed from Mumm’s.

  59. ETbutnotthatone

    This one sprouted so well, we had to reduce the amount of seed we use for a sprouting session.

  60. Osmosis

    Wow! Sprouted very quickly and beautifully! Tastes wonderful!

  61. Sarah

    These are my fave sprouts, they are tasty and I pile them up in my Sandwhiches!! This company has excellent service and I always come back to buy 🙂

  62. VJP

    These are great, easy to grow in a jar, even for a newby like me.

  63. Cathy O

    All around great experience. Very easy to order, super prompt delivery – like 2 days from order and I ordered on the weekend. Free shipping too! Great product, well packaged and I love that this is a Western Canadian company. Happy to support! Thank you.

  64. Jean

    This is the second time I order this product. It is good. It becomes one of our favourites in dinner.

  65. Pascal

    Très haut taux de germination, livraison rapide.

  66. squirrel

    I have been using this product for a long time. Nice fresh taste and excellent germination.

  67. GLORIA

    Good product at a good price. Very good delivery time
    very pleased

  68. Esther Gardner

    A key part of our long time favorite sprouting mix! 3 parts each alfalfa and red clover, 1 part each broccoli and radish.

  69. Ms.T

    I was happy to find a Canadian supplier, and when I received my product. I was excited to try them all out. tasty tasty tasty. Thank you

  70. RobinSprouts

    Thank you for the excellent seeds. Frowning them was simple and we had great success. Now we have fresh, home grown alfalfa sprouts for our salads and sandwiches!

  71. mnm

    Luv the organic alfalfa seeds I get from Mumm’s. Competitive prices and grown right here in Canada. I have been using Mumm’s for years and am very satisfied with their service. I hope you continue for many years to come.

  72. Bevy

    These are always fresh seeds. Always happy with Mumm’s products.

  73. grace

    Seeds arrived promptly, and grew readily. Especially during the long winter months, it is great to be able to eat FRESH food, and these sprouts taste so delicious at this time of year.

  74. HMB

    Mumm’s offers excellent products and fast delivery. They are contributing to better health. I would highly recommend them.

  75. sara

    Lots of good seeds and fast shipping. Will order from here again:)

  76. Sylvie

    Je suis vraiment très satisfaite de ce produit. Le goût est excellent, la germination facile. Dorénavant, j’achèterai toutes mes graines de cette entreprise canadienne.

  77. Fresh P

    Mumm’s is the ultimate for sprouting needs. I wouldn’t buy my seeds anywhere else.

  78. PlantAddict

    These seeds worked very well for me, both in my multi-layer equipment and in a Mason jar.

  79. xyz

    I’m beginner at sprouting. Only sprouted it twice without failure. I didn’t use any medium. After the seeds are germinated in a mason jar, I poured them out into a colander with a container for drainage. Rinse twice a day. Ready to eat after 4 days.

  80. Northern Girl

    These sprouts are awesome. They were ready in a matter of days and the taste great. I live in Northern Canada so the options of being able to grow greens inside all year round it fabulous. As is the free shipping! I will be purchasing more when I run out!

  81. Gail

    Love these products, very easy to grow and yummy.

  82. Healthy One

    Quick to sprout as per claimed, very nutritious and goes well in sandwiches, alone, in salads, as a juice ingredient, and the taste is quite nice. I will often combine alfalfa sprouts with Red Radish and Broccoli sprouts to enjoy as a snack or in sandwiches or salads. Very universal.

  83. Bobadri

    I love the ease in sprouting these in a jar! They are a wonderful crunchy consistency and flavourful in a sandwich.

  84. SlightlyCrunchy

    I discovered Mumm’s when I first moved to Canada 16 years ago. I have purchased a variety of items regularly over the years, and have occasionally purchased seed from other suppliers – it is NEVER worth it! Mumm’s offers quality, customer care when needed, always offer prompt service, and always offer a great variety of seed – both the every day items that I am looking for as well as the more unique options.

  85. Suniva Black

    There was a lot more seeds than expected, and just one tablespoon made so many sprout! Would definitely recommend and buy again!!

  86. Northernsprouter

    I was first introduced to Mumm’s by watching Lisa Mumm’s sprouting video, which I must say is the hands-down best instructional video for seed sprouting. She is so cute, and speaks simply and graciously, and you just know you can do this too. No-fail! Running low on sprouting seeds, I took a look at the Mumm’s site and was very impressed by several things – the huge variety, the PRICE and the quality (organic). I ordered several varieties, they arrived very speedily, and with no shipping charge! What more can one ask for? Happy sprouting days ahead. We love Mumm’s!!

  87. Dave In BC

    This was a terrific purchase! The seeds sprout very well, and within five days I’m constantly turning two Tablespoons of seeds into two cups of sprouts, which I use in salads, on sandwiches, in wraps, and just plain. VERY happy with these seeds.

  88. Home Growers for Years

    Alfalfa is our favourite sprout for salads, it is dense, crunchy, and easy to keep in stock as it grows within 3 days

  89. Ltancko

    I am totally happy with the product and the service.

  90. Marie-CLaude

    The taste discreet and delightful, it is used as sprout base home. It can be used as a main component of a salad or alternatively the salad in a sandwich, my favorite is in a tomato sandwich, a delight! It is very versatile!

  91. Robb Wright

    I’ve been sprouting for some time and the first time I tried your alfalfa seeds was the first time I was able to lift a complete mat of spouts and leave behind virtually nothing in the tray but some broken hulls. The sprouting success rate is outstanding. Bravo.

  92. Calie Mate


  93. Lavinia Sprouter

    Sprouted works great for broccolli raab seeds. Very happy with alfalfa seeds. They are an easy grower and produce a good healthy volume of sprouts each time.

  94. Lavinia Sprouter

    Sprouted works great for broccolli raab seeds. Very happy with alfalfa seeds. They are an easy grower and produce a good healthy volume of sprouts each time.

  95. Homesteading Grandma

    Very high viable seed count, very clean, delicious crunchy fresh sprouts in 6-7 days

  96. Laura

    Very easy to make them grow. Excellent for sandwiches or salads.

  97. LeahSoul6

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these alfalfa sprouts! Happy and yummy addition to any meal. Will be a long time customer.

  98. Bob

    Been sprouting since 1975… em. Mumms have great prices and service.

  99. Dennis Angers

    You just can’t go wrong with Mumm’s. Great Canadian company! Plus, love the free shipping over$25. Will continue to buy for many years!

  100. Noerdax

    Grew quickly and is a good quality product with good taste. I’ve harvested my first batch and it’s a generous amount considering how little seeds I used.

  101. Michelle

    Easy to grow. Ships super fast. Have fresh sprouts for sandwiches, wraps, and a general snack all year round!

  102. bea

    j’adore tous les produits vendus par Mumm’s. Ils sont d’excellente qualité.

  103. perry

    I have been buying mumm,s seeds for over 10 years,There just the best i have ever sprouted……

  104. Fabian Wong

    Easy to sprout in wide jar. Best form of flesh green when vegetables are stale and expensive in winter.

  105. Witty Peasant

    Good and juicy as a microgreen

  106. Kendra Noseworthy

    Delicious. I love these Alfalfa sprouts

  107. fibrefan

    Always a quick reliable sprout that is my main go to” as a salad base or sandwich/cracker topping “

  108. Mary Kay simon

    I love Mumms alfalfa seeds….

  109. HEATHER Smith

    Love these sprouts and the quick delivery service from Mumms.

  110. Zuni

    This is one of my staples. I use it in salads and sandwiches. During the winter I use it instead of lettuce since it greens-up very well near a window. It’s similar to crimson clover in taste and texture, so I like to combine the two in hopes of diversifying the nutritional content.

  111. CanonD

    I purchased the 5 kg bag, kept if frozen, and it worked well for me.

  112. OldGruffy

    We use it daily along with salad for lunch.

  113. candyrod

    Completely satisfied …… good price good packaging and very fast shipping.

  114. Dola

    I have been buying sprouting seeds from Mumm’s for many years, and have always been delighted with their products. I love the variety of seeds for sprouting and their quick and friendly customer service. Shipping is always fast, especially when you’re down to your last tablespoon of alfalfa seeds!

  115. CA

    I purchased alfalfa seeds from another company and they barely sprouted. These however sprouted extremely well and were delicious! Highly recommended 🙂 Perfect as a topping to burgers.

  116. dottyw

    We have been buying alfalfa and other sprouting seeds and beans from mumm’s for at least 5 years. These alfalfa seeds are of consistent good quality. I usually sprout the alfalfa seeds together with mung beens, fenugreek seeds, and radish seeds, they take about the same amount of time for sprouting, and we’ll eat them together anyways. Either as sprout salad mixed with grated carrot and beats etc. or on top of lettuce, very tasty.

  117. Bonzo Bear

    I have always had good result with sprouting and especially seeds that I get from Mumm’s.
    They ship quickly at a good price and they arrive in perfect condition. I wouldn’t dream of getting my sprouts anywhere else.

  118. Cynthia

    I just ordered for the first time several packets of sprouting seeds and have sprouted the sandwich blend and alfalfa so far. The sprouts from the sandwich blend are tiny, delicate with a very nice taste. We use them now on everything. When you calculate that a package of sprouts in the grocery store goes for $2.50, you can make the same thing at home for about 80 cents. Instead of using the screen, use either JCloths or cheesecloth.
    This aging hippie thanks you Mumms Sprouts, the order was received within 3 days from Sask to Ontario.

  119. John

    Always a nice sandwich ingredient.

  120. Kon

    We are completely happy with the germination rate of both sprouting seeds you sent. There’s nothing like some sprouts to spice up a winter salad !

  121. Elaine

    Grows well, 5 day sprout. A little bland in flavour but different nutrients and mixes well with other sprouts. Good for sandwiches and salads

  122. Sprout lover

    Friendly, helpful and efficient service. Came quickly in the mail. With no unnecessary packaging. Nice, fresh alfalfa seeds. Canadian and Organic too. What can be better?

  123. Tara MacDonald

    I’ve been growing Mumm’s alfalfa sprouts for awhile now and love their product. I originally purchased through (fantastic company!) and I’ve seen them for sale at the odd retail location but decided to purchase a 1kg package directly from Mumm’s in October 2018. The ordering process was smooth, the product arrived quickly and was well packaged. Everything about this transaction was smooth. I’m a big fan of Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds and highly recommend their product. As for the sprouts, they are a great beginner sprout. They are easy, fast to grow, and have a pleasant flavour that pairs well with other foods and flavours. I often use them in a salad, a sandwich or burger topping, stuffed in a pita or wrap, but one of my favourite ways to use them is as a garnish for fried mashed potato hashbrowns. With it’s fresh taste and slight crunch, alfalfa is the perfect garnish when you’re having a big weekend brunch plate filled with bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns.

  124. Billy Belly, III

    As per the title, I’ve been quite satisfied with Alfalfa seeds from Mumm’s and have never had a problem sprouting the seeds. I began using this product days after my leukaemia diagnosis a few years back. I won’t say that the sprouts cured me but they helped me by providing extra nutrition and on treatment days when I was only able to eat a variety of sprouts. Easy and quick to grow, great taste and appeal. The orders have always been fast and well packaged. I stay with Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds because they have always delivered (pardon the pun) on their promises, high quality of product, and excellent service.

  125. Canon David

    I purchased the 5 kg bag. I use 1 tablespoon every day and let the seeds grow for 6 days. The two of us each have about two cups of sprouts on our salads. They are lovely. The 5 kg bag lasts about 425 days. I keep them in the freezer in smaller bags until I need each bag. Great value. Great seeds.

  126. Sproutguy

    I am very pleased with how the Alfalfa Sprouts turned out…thanks!

  127. Elayne

    I get great results from The alfalfa seeds. They produce exactly as advertised and very fresh tasting.

  128. TabyCat

    I’m new to sprouting seeds for eating and not growing. I’m loving it! This verity is super yummy and easy to sprout. Three days I am eating and repeating the process.

  129. Wilma Fuchs

    A friend of mine suggested Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds, because my sprouts beforehand would not sprout properly. Now when I follow the instructions the sprouts turn out amazingly yummy. It is a true success: look, flavour, freshness, taste and easiness of sprouting, Thank you, I am in for the long run.

  130. Char

    This was my second order of alfalfa sprouts from Mumm’s. The package came quickly, neatly packaged with free shipping. The seeds sprout quickly, are always fresh and so tasty!! Love sprouting all year round but especially during the winter months! 10 stars from me! Thanks Mumm’s!

  131. Gardener L

    Can’t believe how fast and how well these seeds germinated.

  132. 7777

    These seeds are incredible growers. The first time I tried them, I used 2 Tbsp. in the 1 L glass sprouting jar. Within 4 days the jar was literally packed with sprouts that had a beautiful fresh flavor and lovely green leaves. I recommend using only only 1 Tbsp/1 L jar so that the sprouts have room to fully develop.

  133. Stephanie

    Wonderfully fresh sprouting seeds… love the flavour, but also the aroma of these alfalfa sprouting seeds! You just can’t get this kind of quality in stores! The aroma and taste bring back great childhood memories of making and eating healthy snacks with alfalfa sprouts!

  134. Stephanie

    Wonderfully fresh sprouting seeds… love the flavour, but also the aroma of these alfalfa sprouting seeds! You just can’t get this kind of quality in stores! The aroma and taste bring back great childhood memories of making and eating healthy snacks with alfalfa sprouts!

  135. Asiko

    Really fast to grow and good to taste.

  136. Mount Nemo Gardens

    Using Alfalfa and Clover on my outdoor and indoor gardens with great success.
    Spring 2019 has been very cold. Seeds planted late April, it’s been almost 3 weeks and garden is covered.

  137. ChickenDan

    These are very easy to sprout and to maintain. A very forgiving sprout I have been unable to look after them for a day and a half and they continued to grow once I continue to rinse them.

  138. Maryanne

    I received my order within a week, I always order my seeds from you and never lost seeds, they germinate very well, and I grow red clover and alfafa together.

  139. perry

    Great tasting and easy sprouting….These seeds have been my favorite for years now.
    I also love the free shipping after 25$ purchase….Good job mom !!!

  140. Sylvie

    Thanks for your wonderful products. Always happy to use them. I appreciate their freshness and taste ❤️

  141. Patr

    I have used Mumm`s seeds for almost 20 years and absolutely LOVE them. I can`t get over the quality and viability of them. My last purchase of these seeds were still 70% viable at 9 years old! I highly recommend Mumm`s seeds to anyone who values quality in a food item.

  142. Le Gros

    Je l’utilise souvent comme complément dans un sandwich, tomate ou salade de thon.

  143. beanboy

    Great service, timely delivery and exceptional price and quality. This is the way to get sprouting going in your kitchen!

  144. Leenda Rodgrigues

    I switched methods for sprouting and now I use a jar. Rising twice a day and sprouts were ready in about 4 or 5 days, very nice looking sprouts a lot better than using the tray method. Good product.

  145. John

    Just a 3 hr. soak and several rinses a day produces a wonderful snack.
    Used to be able to get Alfalfa sprouts in the store.
    At least we know what’s on them when done at home.
    That is. if you have security cameras watching them.

  146. Madeleine

    seeds have excellent germination

  147. Bluelight

    We have been buying our alfalfa sprouting seeds from Mumm’s for many years,… 2 orders of 5kg a year,… and wouldn’t think of purchasing from anyone else,…they are the best. Thank you.

  148. Cyberclaude

    the alfalfa sprout is great as a sandwich topper or even on top of a standard salad where it gives another level of texture. As always Mumm’s seeds are the best in freshness and quality.

  149. John

    Alfalfa seems to be the least finicky sprout to grow.

  150. Helen

    I ordered Alfalfa from Mumm’s seeds before, and I still has some left from last batch. Again I ordered another batch just to have enough supply to continue my indoor sprouts. I use container to sprout it, and sprouting rate is very high, I only has a few non-sprouting seed in the container. Once it is done, I kept in fridge and use them for my breakfast, and it is a good keeper once it was drain well. Good product.

  151. Roddy

    I Love Alfalfa sprouts. I eat them every day and I grow 2 tablespoons of seeds per week. They germinate very well.

  152. Linley

    Wonderful Organic seeds & very prompt shipping. Great variety of seeds available.

  153. MomGuard

    I love mixing a few of my favourite seeds, keeping in the freezer till my fridge jar needs refilling, and keeping several sprouting jars on my windowsill. A filling meal is minutes away, with adding beans, seeds, other veggies and your own dressing. Even chopped meat is wonderful depending on your activity level. Talk about instant” slow food! Mild flavour that blends with whatever you add to it.”

  154. Cat

    I’m so happy to find quality organic alfalfa sprouts at a reasonable price. I’ve been growing these weekly for about six months–they grow very well every time and come out fresh, green and delicious. Strongly recommend.

  155. solda

    This is my mom’s favourite. Easy to grow and tasty. It goes well with salad, spring rolls, and so many! We’ve only tried sprouting alfalfa, broccoli, radish and by far, alfalfa is the best !

  156. Daniel

    This is my first purchase from Mumms the service online was easy and delivery promt. I am on my third batch of mason jar sprouting and the seeds sprout quickly, green up nicely and taste wonderful.

  157. Jst4You

    This is the second time I have ordered and I am really pleased with the products. I mix the 4 types of sprouts together and use them on salads, sandwiches and sometimes just as they are. The combination produces a wonderful mixed flavor and texture. They take only 3-4 days to sprout in the 4 trays I have which means you can have a fresh batch of sprouts continuously.

  158. Long-time customer

    I have ordered from Mumm’s Seeds off and on for the last 25 years or so. The germination rate of the seeds I have received has been great. The service, even factoring in Canada Post, has been very fast. Alfalfa has always been my staple sprout—because of its taste and nutrition.

  159. Grace

    I am so happy I bought these wonderful sprouting seeds. Even during these trying times with the outbreak of coronavirus, I am able to make myself a fresh salad each day using my delicious alfalfa sprouts . I feel so blessed. Wishing everyone becomes vegan, to save the animals, and save our world.

  160. intermet

    I love the versatility of these sprouts.
    They are soft in texture and flavour.
    From an egg sandwich to a salad and much more.
    I love dealing with this company. Fast and easy

  161. John

    A few greens may be healthy for the system.

  162. Nancy H

    We love the alfalfa sprouts! We have about a half cup everyday! Either on a sandwich! My favourite is fresh bread, cheddar cheese, mayo, alfalfa sprouts. Awesome! we love them on top of a stir fry, or on the side with tomato, and cucumber! With fresh vegetables so hard to get, sprouts are a great substitute! I have told all my friends to make them!

  163. yumyum

    It is hard to mess up with alfalfa, they are always fresh seeds and in a very short time there is a jar full to pop into your mouth. Delicious!

  164. Just4you

    I mix these with 3 others and the combination is wonderful. This is the second order for these and I will continue to order them Great on salads, sandwiches, burgers and even right from the sprouter.

  165. Natalia Lang

    Three months ago, our family purchased 5kg of alfalfa seeds for sprouting. We had been purchasing a variety of smaller amounts of the Mumm’s sprouting seeds from our local natural food store since October and discovered that sprouting our own seeds allowed us to eat healthy greens throughout the winter with almost no effort. We have not missed washing lettuce from Mexico, etc. Growing sprouts- from this Canadian Company- also supports our Canadian economy and reduces the plastic and fossil fuel costs of delivering produce in the winter from. We chose alfalfa seeds because they have a mild flavour and grow very easily. These seeds have been of a consistent, high quality. We are definitely purchasing more seeds; their broccoli sprouting seeds are amazing.

  166. kduifj9reu

    Delivery took a little longer than expected but the Alfalfa seed was good quality and sprouting was satisfactory

  167. Leen

    It’s always a treat to have fresh greens — and even more so during the shelter at home conditions of the covid19 pandemic. I use these sprouts on every sandwich (except grilled) that I make. I actually dug into the back of my freezer and found some seeds I’d ordered a few years ago. Yes — years. And they were fine! The percentage of successful sprouts may have been slightly diminished, and I certainly wouldn’t guarantee that leaving your seeds in the freezer for such a long time will have the same result, but I was thrilled. And, of course, the customer service experience is always top notch.

  168. Trish

    Terrific in my smoothies! So easy to sprout and very tasty.

  169. Sheila

    We purchased these recently and LOVE the taste. Great purchase and MUM’s seeds are amazing work with. Very fast getting them.

  170. Clo

    I have been using alfalfa sprouts for a long time now, especially in salads. However, it is very good in sandwiches and burgers even though I now use the sandwich booster sprouts also. Alfalfa sprouts are easy to do and I never failed with them.

  171. Lola

    Best in a sandwich or wrap. The thicker the better.