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Spicy Lentil Crunch

34 Customer reviews



An easy 5-day sprout. Mix of lentils, radish, alfalfa, red clover, mustard. Our first mix and still a best-seller.

  • Days to Sprout: 4 to 5
  • Soak Time: 4-6 hours
  • Yield: 1 tbsp of dry seed yields approx. 2-3 cups of sprouts.
  • Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last even longer!

Sprouting Directions 

Soak: Put 1-2 Tbsp. seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 4-12 hours. Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting or draining rack, or in a bowl or drain rack.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain well.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in 5 days. Refrigerate to store. (Sprouts store best when they are fairly dry.)

Helpful tips:

  • Some sprouts tend to clump together as they grow. To separate, fill the jar with water, remove the screen and stir gently with a fork during the regular rinse. Remove hulls if desired. Drain well.
  • The drier they are the better sprouts keep. Be sure to let sprouts grow another half day after the final sorting rinse before storing in the fridge. Optional: put folded paper towel on top of the sprouts in the jar. Put lid on and refrigerate turned upside down. This removes excess moisture.
  • If your home is very warm during the summer months, it may help to rinse the sprouts three times a day with cold water. Stir gently if clumping.
  • To remove the hulls and unsprouted seeds from leafy sprouts, use a special sorting rinse. Pull sprouts out of the jar into a large bowl filled with water. Swish gently to separate the tangled roots. Most hulls will separate and rise or sink. Discard the hulls.  Collect the sprouts back to the jar with or without aid of a strainer.   Return sprouts to jar, drain, and continue sprouting for another half a day or so.

Average Customer Rating

34 Customer reviews
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  1. Becki Cosford

    These are my fav sprouts

  2. kat

    This is one of my favourite blends of sprouts. Great on a sandwich or salad. A nice spicy kick.

  3. Cindy_Lou_Who

    I love to include these amazing tasty sprouts in every meal! They grow so quickly and healthy in just days.

  4. Dean

    Works and taste amazing. Great price and Canadian, 100% recommend

  5. Chippie

    I used them mostly in salad. Love the taste and texture. Nice on naan with meat and spicy sauce.

  6. Cindy Bartoli

    These are amazing. Just a subtle hint of heat. Easy to sprout. Addicted to whole grain toast topped with a poached egg and a generous pile of these sprouts. Mmmmm.

  7. Capi

    Toute les explications nous aide à faire un meilleur choix .

  8. SOCK

    I ordered this mix for the first time. They were easy to grow & we all love the little spicy kick.

  9. Sheepmom

    These seeds are outstanding in every way! Quick to sprout, fast growing, delicious right from the jar as a snack!

  10. Mossvale

    These are my favourite sprouts to use on sandwiches because they add a bit of a kick in addition to great texture and flavour.

  11. Mossvale

    We enjoyed these sprouts on sanwiches and in salads. We found these to be very similar in taste to the spicy lentil mix.


    A lot of flavor, crunchy and easy to sprout

  13. Irinacan

    Very refreshing, delicious, hot taste. Sprout fairly quickly and easily. Very good are these seeds for sandwiches and wraps, salads and vegan soups. Our family really like taste and how appetizing look those seeds.
    Highly recommend.

  14. Minnie

    I absolutely love this mix. It’s the right hit of spicy and refreshing. I use this in sandwiches, salads, soup toppings, and stirfry toppings. I also eat it straight up.

  15. KarinD

    I loved the taste of these sprouts -so far it’s my favourite but I am working my way through all the varieties. These are a must try.

  16. Vicki

    SO easy to grow. Tastes great in a salad, a wrap, omelette or just for snacking on

  17. Soph

    I’ve grown many varieties, but the spicy lentil is definitely my favourite one! I love the combination of flavours

  18. OzwaldP

    Love the mustardy spice of these contrasted with the sweet lentils. Ordered more and super spicy- but I do enjoy my spice.

    Will def try them as a salad alone with ranch dressed as another reviewer suggested- sounds devine but also was a good crunchy snack while watching a movie.

  19. LDBP

    Good protein, nice salad or sandwich addition with just enough of a ‘kick’ to make it interesting

  20. Christiane

    Excellent with everything like the color too.

  21. Soph

    On my second 1 kg bag! This mix is by far my most favourite one! I add it my salads, soups, chilli and wraps/sandwiches. Sometimes, I even just eat it on it’s own, in a small bowl with olive oil and salt!!!

  22. Billy Belly, III

    First year that I’ve tried these seeds. I’ve been a very satisfied customer of MUMMS SPROUTING SEEDS for years now and ordered a big kilogram bag of Spicey Lentil Crunch based solely on trust of what was written by MUMM’S. I knew I would not be disappointed and after growing a few jars of this seed I can say that what Mumms said about these sprouts was right on ! Great taste, great nutrition and many ways in which to enjoy them. I’m sure to order more as I know that based on the way these sprouts disappear my kilogram bag will not last long. Thank YOU, MUMM’S.

  23. Vicki

    I grow this constantly so I always have a fresh supply. If I have a new harvest before my supply is gone (rare) then I give it away. It is so cheap, so tasty… even my kids enjoy it on sandwiches or in salads in place of salad leaves. LOVE IT.

  24. Hal

    We have been using Spicy Lentil Crunch for many years now, more in the winter than in summer where we have fresh lettuce and things in the garden. It is by far our favourite

  25. Vicki

    OMG I love this mix! I enjoy this in wraps/ sandwiches, grow on a weekly basis & donate to the food bank. I just love having things growing in my kitchen and the thought that I am creating food. So cheap, it’s almost free food.

  26. Ronnie

    I find this mix to be a very delicious choice! I enjoy eating them on everything and I grab a few and eat them as is quite often as they are so wonderful! Love the bite”. “

  27. Becknlar

    love this blend. Not too spicy but flavorful enough to use on it’s own or on a sandwich. I use it with almost everything I make; on eggs, with tuna, in a salad, and a lot of times I will just eat a few mouthfuls on it’s own. I enjoy the flavor, texture and the freshness

  28. Bathory

    A classic that everyone should give a try! It tastes really good in a salad

  29. leila

    I am learning sprouting. I tried jar method because I did not waste any Spicy lentil seeds. Worked very well . I have added extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and we finish 2 jars of germinated lentil seeds.. I am sailing from Toronto to Istanbul next week and I take all my seeds with me to stay strong and healthy..

  30. Happy :-)

    We sprout with a jar and screen and love this mix, although with just lentils added to the Sandwich Booster we don’t find it very spicy.
    Sprouting with our old blue preserving jars and a screen has worked the best for us in all our sprouting.

  31. Ravenscliffe

    I like the bit of crunchiness, and the taste is perky: I put a bunch of sprouts on a veggie burger patty I make from oatmeal and sunflower seeds, and top with some homemade chili sauce and a slice of melted jalapeno cheese.

  32. Gardener

    Amazed at how well these sprout and how quickly and easily I get a jar of sprouts. Very uniform sprouting. Crunchy sprouts with a bit of a bite.

  33. SproutGirl

    Love this mix! It’s delicious, very flavorful although I don’t actually think it’s that spicy to me. For my first harvest, I only soaked them for 2 hours and still found some lentils were hard after 4-5 days later so I’m playing around with the soaking time to ensure that the lentils actually germinate and sprout. It goes so well as a topper on roasted vegetables that have been seasoned with onion powder…it just seriously complements it! Definitely a good purchase for me!

  34. Mac farm

    I have ordered from Mumm’s a number of times and always am happy with their service and the incredible sprouting seeds ..excellent quality ..never disappointed