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Sesame, White (hulled)(Culinary use only/not for sprouting)

6 Customer reviews


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Food ingredient only.

Sesame has one of the highest oil contents of any seed.

Average Customer Rating

6 Customer reviews
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  1. Dumas, M.

    Best Quality for best Healthy Meals ! Thank you so much !

  2. Organic lover

    Very fresh and tasty!!!

  3. Ed

    I like the produce for sprouting and using them in hot cereal. I soak the seeds for about 6 hours and sprout them for 1 day. They are rich in calcium, potassium and stress vitamins.

  4. JAY

    I have found the sesame seeds, and in fact all the seeds that I have purchased from Mumm’s over the last 20 years to be of excellent quality in germination, vitality and taste. I sprout the seeds and I also grind them up, add a touch of water and use as a replacement for butter. My diet is pretty much vegan, so Sesame is an excellent calcium source. Mumms sesame seeds are fresh and clean, with lots of sprouting vitality.

  5. Nelly

    These are so tasty, I’ve been using them to make creamy salad dressing or living hummus with sprouted chickpeas,.

  6. Ugrowgirl

    I love to use these as tiny sprout, sometimes with oats and buckwheat. They are wonderfully delicious when sprouted for a day or two and mixed with berries.