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Jars, Glass 1 Litre

13 Customer reviews


Our new jar includes our logo, but is still a high quality jar with a stainless steel mesh lid. A nice product at an amazing price.

*Please note that the natural pigmentation of the seed coating may leave “rust” looking stains on the lids.

We have done significant testing and be assured this is not rust. If this “rust” looking staining troubles you, take a small brush and scrub but natural staining is normal.

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Average Customer Rating

13 Customer reviews
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  1. Sprouter Ed

    The glass jars with the stainless steel mesh lid are good value. For people starting out it is the best way to go. Easy to sprout with and easy to clean.

  2. Marie

    The jar is great, and when I rest it in a bowl that is deep enough (I use a 2-cup glass storage container) it produces great results! Unfortunately, the inside of the lid seems to be starting to rust after only a couple of uses – there’s a layer of plastic holding the mesh in place, and I can’t pull it out to clean between the plastic and the metal – so I can see the rust and possibly mold (black) but it isn’t touching the sprouts.

  3. Caro

    Top Quality in products and service. Fast and secure delivery. Great in everything.

  4. Btar

    Works well for sprouting seeds. I am pleased with the product.

  5. Nore

    I was pleasantly surprised when I bought this jar. It looks great on my counter, and it is easy to clean. I have a few, so that I am never without sprouts.

  6. Preston

    The extra wide mouth of this jar makes cleaning and taking the sprouts out super easy. It’s very attractive too.

  7. Helthy mama

    Was planing to get just the lids for masons jars, but decided to give these a try. So glad I did! Love the wide mouth and very fine mesh, no seeds will escape! Got 2 of them, using every day!

  8. 7777

    This is a high quality jar that produces high quality sprouts. It is attractive sitting on the counter and the mesh screen works wonderfully in keeping the seeds inside the jar when draining or propped on it’s side. It is very easy to clean and is a great size for a small family.

  9. Bianca

    this is a great jar… good size for our family we got the 2 L one. the only thing is I wish it came with a small stand.. but no big deal I use a bowl.

  10. LDBP

    Almost gave up on sprouting before finding these jars. Makes the whole process clean and easy. Have the large size for my favorites and a small one to try new seeds.

  11. Bananie

    Good jars, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been using them for more than a month now. The product details say that what looks like rust could appear on the lids but that isn’t rust, some kind of stain caused by the sprouts. I mean I’m not a scientist but I have clearly rust on mine. The last time I’d purchased a jar from Mumms it had a plastic lid and obviously it works better for the purpose of sprouting. It’s only my opinion, I know most people try not to use plastic at all but since the jar is made out of glass I don’t see any harm.

  12. LovingLifeNana

    This jar enables me to grow a good size quantity of each seed that I want. Once grown I put the product in a tight snap container and start another one.

  13. Growgirl

    I use it for grains and beans when I only want a short sprout: for breads, soup, chili or stir fry. This size is too big for salad sprouts, for my purposes. (prefer 2 smaller 1 lire jars in rotation) The lids fit well and, the screen is fine enough to manage small seeds.