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Geo Terracotta Sprouting Tower


Natural terracotta works wonderfully for sprouting. This 4 tier, innovative spacing system designed in Italy by Tuscan craftsmen allows for light/dark growing modes.
Trays can be spaced to allow air and light through each level.
These “night” and “day” sprouting options allow for optimal control during the different growing phases from seed to sprout.

The set includes three trays with drainage holes and one without. Works for all sprouting seeds including gelatinous seeds like flax or chia seeds.

The tower is about 11 inches tall at its most open and approximately 7 inches in diameter.

Minor faults and blemishes are common on these clay sprouters but should not affect the integrity or function of the trays. 

Soak the terracotta trays in cold water 15 minutes or more before use.
Follow the sprouting seed soaking and sprouting directions.
Spread the seeds around the tray as evenly as possible.
Stack the trays
Water at least twice daily, being sure to not allow them to dry out.

3.0 kg