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7 Customer reviews

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Our current lot has lost sprouting quality but is a fresh tasting and full-flavoured caraway seed for baking and use as a spice.

Average Customer Rating

7 Customer reviews
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  1. Ferment4Life

    In the 1st few days a few will pop and grow really well and over the next week or more, quite a few will grow, but some will never grow. In any case, it’s fun to experiment and I use lots of caraway in many different salads I make (cole slaw, Waldorf salad, homemade sauerkraut, etc). Sprouting activates enzymes and enhances the nutritional content, so even if they don’t grow, they will be better nutritionally when added to salads.

  2. Nancy

    Wonderful product, have grown these sprouts before & very happy. Fast shipping, great prices & delicious produce… very happy Canadian supporting Canadian family business – will be back again.

  3. Ferment4Life

    Caraway takes AT LEAST twice as long to sprout as other seeds that I sprout. Similar to my experience with sprouting parsley seed for the garden. It starts sprouting after a few days and the seeds continue to sprout over many days. 10 days and more. So I just use them as they mature over this time. But they are nice sprouts! And more nutritious than just using unsprouted caraway seed in salads. Very nice in cole slaw and my homemade sauerkraut.

  4. Dawn

    I didn’t get a high yield of Caraway sprouts. I am on my second batch right now. They take longer than Alfalfa, but are so delicious

  5. Pascal

    Très savoureux , j’en mets un peu partout

  6. Maurice

    I’ve tried 3 times to sprout the Caraway, and everytime, nothing has sprouted, all other products I’ve tried they sprout instantly.. this one item I’m having a hard time with it, or possibly it’s a dead seed..

  7. Mano

    It’s great tasting sprout, little spicy which is perfect.