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Nasturtium, Emerald – 5 kg


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Microgreen Directions

Soak the seeds for 4-6 hours. Rinse and drain the seeds well.

Prepare enough moisture into your soil ahead of time

Sow the soaked seed on the soil. Sprinkle the soaked seeds over the moistened soil in a tray, and press them gently into the loose soil. Cover loosely with a clean towel, unbleached paper towel, plastic, or a thin layer of soil to maintain humidity. stack an empty tray on top of the towel/plastic. put weight in the empty tray. This will help root the seeds into the soil.

Check daily to determine the moisture

After the seeds begin to germinate (4-6 days), you can remove the towel/plastic and continue spritzing the seed twice daily until it reaches desired height. Average days to germinate: 4-6 days (before you start to see anything growing)

Harvesting tips: If most of the seedlings still have seed hulls attached to their leaves, wait a few more days to harvest; mist the leaf canopy couple of times and place plastic sheet over top. Hulls should pull off and release easier. Feature the bright stem of the seed by cutting close to the soil.

5 kg

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