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Spicy Microgreen Blend – 5 kg


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Sprouting Directions


Prepare enough moisture into your soil ahead of time

  • Do not soak seed.
  • Sprinkle the dry seeds over the moistened soil in a tray, and press them gently into the loose soil. Cover loosely with a clean towel, unbleached paper towel, plastic to maintain humidity. Stack an empty tray on top of the towel/plastic. put weight in the empty tray. This will help root the seeds into the soil check daily to determine the moisture
  • After the seeds begin to germinate, you can remove the towel/plastic and weights; continue spritzing the seed twice daily until it reaches desired height.
  • Growing tips: After germination, avoid keeping the soil too moist.


10×20 microgreen tray seeding rate:12-15 g (3 1/2tsp)

5 kg

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