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Microgreen Growing Guide

by Stefan Mager

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  • Description

    Follow the instructions in this guide and within weeks you will benefit from the great gift of nature that is microgreens.  Easy to read and use, and laminated so you can keep it close to your growing station!

  • Did You Know

    Microgreens are a new way of producing food.

    Coined a 'functional food', home-grown microgreens combine superior nutritional values with beauty and the pride of nurturing your own healthy greens.

    For many years sprouts have been the popular way of benefiting from the energy of 'young plants'. Sprouts are germinating seeds that do not require light.

    Best of all, microgreens are easy to grow.

    They are inexpensive, convenient and fun.

    Follow the instructions in this Guide and within weeks you will benefit from this great gift of nature.

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