Grown Your Own HRT

By Sally J. Duffell
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    Sprout hormone-rich greens in only two minutes a day.

    Sally J. Duffell has been growing, teaching and writing about sprouting for many years. She extensively researched the science behind their rich bounty of plant hormones, their effects on menopause symptoms and the diseases of ageing.

  • Did You Know

    Feeling menopausal? Need help? Did you knowyou can grow your own HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

    Sprouted foods are on of the world's richest sources of plant hormones that we have been eating for milleninia. Find out why:

    • some women menopuase without problem and how you can become one of them;
    • how to grow hormone-rich plants on your windosill in just two minutes a day;
    • how to self-diagnose, how much to take and which sprouts to grow for which symptoms

    Sprouted foods contain plant estroges, plant progesterone, plant sterols and natural detoxifying nutrients that can help with;

    • menopause symptoms
    • cancer
    • heart disease
    • osteoporosis
    • dementia
    • many other "Western diseases"

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