Commercial Sprouting

Traditional Sprouts

Sprouts are a good way to add variety to your product line, and to extend the season for fresh vegetables. They're easy to grow with a minimum of equipment and facilities.

Traditional sprouts are usually the small seeds like alfalfa, clover, etc. and small seed mixes. A new trend is crunchy bean mixes that can include peas, lentils, adzuki beans, mung bean, chickpeas, etc. They can be sprouted in a similar manner to the small seeds, but require less time and yield less. Mung beans grown for Chinese bean sprouts need special techniques, beyond the scope of this article.

Shoots and wheatgrass type products are sometimes grown in soil substitute,though they may be grown in bare trays. Seeds like sunflowers, buckwheat, some pea varieties, Daikon radish, garden cress, and grains are used for this.