About The Mumm Family

About our Sprouting Seed Farm

We have been farming organically since the 1970s, and selling high quality organic sprouting seed for over 30 years. We've modeled Mumm's Sprouting Seeds on the core principles of organic agriculture: environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Our farm is located near Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada. Our warehouse is located in Parkside, Saskatchewan. We can ship anywhere in Canada or the US, and export to Europe and Asia as well.

Jim & I started farming, by "going back to the land" in the mid 1970's. We had milk cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, honey bees, leafcutter bees, a big garden, and a small saw mill. One of the main crops we grew on our small organic farm was alfalfa seed. Over half of our farm is still original forest.

Fifteen years later we had two small children, a flock of sheep (200 ewes) and a side line business selling our organic alfalfa and radish seed for sprouting. The coyotes helped us to decide to get out of sheep by killing 60 one summer, despite our best efforts.

Our sprouting seed business kept growing and growing :-) and by the mid 1990's it was more than we could handle, so we took the big step of hiring help. About 7 years ago we moved our sprouting seeds and office from the farm to an old curling rink in the nearby town of Parkside. Now it's still more work than we can handle, but we have a great crew helping us.

It's been interesting getting to this point with our business. Jim has been our website guy. I've enjoyed working on package designs. It's fun going to work. Every day something interesting and unexpected happens.

Our organic certifier, OCIA International, has been a good organization to belong to. We've been lucky to have great people working for us. We have also had the good fortune of being able to source our sprouting seeds from organic farmers who tend to be open minded, innovative, and fun to know.

In 2009, after completing a BA in International Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, and a brief stint at McGill Law, our daughter Lisa returned home to pursue her passions of organic agriculture and health food. She's proud to be a fifth generation farmer, and helps us to run the family farm and business. She's actively involved in the movement to protect farmers and consumers from the threat of GMOs. Lisa is excited to be part of the international sprouting community and the movement to promote nutritious, sustainable food.

An arugula field in bloom An early snowfall at our farm A typical winter on Hazleridge Farm Jim and Marvin (an organic farmer from Costa Rica) canoeing on Little Deer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan