Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Sprouts

The International Sprout Grower's Association has compiled a fascinating document highlighting some of the most significant research surrounding the health benefits of sprouts. Learn about how sprouts may improve cardiovascular health, prevent heart disease and stroke, improve bone mineral density, protect DNA against free radicals, and potentially help to treat diabetes, Parkinsons disease, and arthrits. This document also details the research on the extremely high anti-cancer potential of many sprouts.

According to this study from the International Journal of Applied Science, sprouts have the highest concentration of phytonutrients per calorie of any food. Phytonutrients play an active role in the amelioration of disease.

100 grams a day of sprouts may prevent cancer. See the research from the University of Ulster.

Time Magazine discusses all sprout diet- a cover story in the Canadian and US edition of Time discusses vegetarian diets; mentions sproutarianism as one variety (see Vegans, Raws, and Pescos).

The curative ability of sprouts- an article in the Times of India discusses a the preventative and disease-fighting properties of sprouts.

Germination increases the antioxidant contents of grain- see this article from the Department of Agriculture at the University of Alberta.

There is basic information (on some sprouts) in a searchable scientific format available from the USDA here.

The International Sprout Growers Association has some good information on its site.