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  1. Baby Blanket

    Baby Blanket


    10 ' x 39 " roll. Baby Blanket is a felted grass material that holds moisture around the roots for more even growing conditions. It allows growing soil type sprouts without the mess of soil and without the difficulty of getting good safe organic soil. Learn More
  2. Easy Sprout Sprouter

    Easy Sprout Sprouter


    The Easy Sprout Sprouter- quick and easy sprouting for broccoli and many other seeds Learn More
  3. Hemp Sprouting Bag

    Hemp Sprouting Bag


    The easiest way to grow your favourite larger seeds such as garbanzo, adzuki and mung beans! Learn More
  4. Kelp Man Liquid Seaweed

    Kelp Man Liquid Seaweed

    This cold processed liquid kelp is a concentrate; you mix 1 tsp. to one US quart or one liter of water. The small 125ml bottle makes 25 quarts or liters of solution, the 1 liter bottle makes 200liters or 200 US quarts<./p>

    We are getting a small yield increase with some sprouts, but we feel the main advantage is the additional minerals supplied by the kelp.

    Learn More
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    Kelp Man 4 oz
    Kelp Man 32 oz

  5. Sprout Chart

    Sprout Chart from Sproutman


    Includes a basic sprouted wheat bread recipe on the back. Learn More
  6. Sprouting Jar

    Sprouting Jar


    Durable clear plastic 1 liter (US quart) jar with sprouting screens, elastics, and easy sprouting directions. Learn More
  7. SproutMaster


    SproutMASTER Sprouters come with a divider for 2 crops at once and are stackable. Shrink wrapped with directions. Learn More
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    Small SproutMaster- 5 x 6 inches
    Large SproutMaster- 10 x 8 inches- Family Size
    Triple SproutMaster - 5 x 6 inches

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